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Nuvve Nuvve Video Songs
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Anjali is very much fond of her over possessive father Viswanath. Viswanath, a millionaire, loves Anjali a lot. What happens when his darling daughter falls in love with a middle class boy Rishi, is the basic plot of the storyline.

Artists Perfomance
Tarun played the role of a guy who sounds casual but has a lot of depth in thinking when it matters the most. Tarun did extremely well to live it up to the character of Rishi. His performance gets highlighted in the scenes where he confronts Prakash Raj and consoles Shriya.

Shriya is at her best in this film. She is very sensual and she expressed the feelings wonderfully with her beautiful eyes. She is sensuality personified. She did the role of a girl who is crushed between the love of an obsessive father and the feelings towards a close-to-heart boyfriend. Her wardrobe in this film includes dresses ranging from traditional sarees to mini skirts.

Prakash Raj gave one of his best performances in the recent times. He gave a very controlled performance in this film. Though the film required him to be an over obsessive father - a role which he has been playing for years - he made sure that the histrionics he has shown for this film do not remind us any of his earlier roles.

Sunil did his role of 'Pandu' with great élan and entertained the audiences, though his role does not have any significance in this film. Chandra Mohan did his usual middleclass father role. Swapna Madhuri sounds promising in her small role.

Technical Departments
Story of this film is loosely based on Hollywood flick 'Father of the bride'. Trivikram Srinivas is known for picking up the stories where heroine is forced to get married to a guy of her parent's choice and finally lands up in the lap of the hero. And this story is no different either.

For a first timer, Trivikram did a fantastic job as a director and screenplay writer. He weaved the story beautifully between three important characters of Rishi, Anjali and Viswanath. He has a thorough understanding of how women think and behave. Hence he injected the same enigmatic spirit, under-current vulnerability and break-the-shackles-if-necessary attitude to the character of Anjali. He started the film by showing Rishi as a carefree guy with an attitude and started exploring the depth of Rishi's thinking as the movie progresses. The best character of the film however is Viswanath. Though he sounds like a villain, the character is molded in such a way that he has his own sensible reasoning behind every act he does.

Trivikram seems to have reserved his best dialogues for his directorial debut. There are very good one-liners and comedy dialogues in the first half and thought-provoking and heart-touching dialogues in the second half. The film is studded with so many good dialogues that its very difficult to remember them. Here are a few of them I could manage to remember...

Sravanthi Ravi Kishore is one producer who can get best out of Koti. The melody songs (Naa Manasukemayyindi, Niddurapothunna and Nuvve Nuvve Kavalantundi) uplift the spirit of the film. The background music is also apt and satisfies the requirement of situation. Generally a producer does not spend more than 8 lakhs (as the theater rent) to score background music for any film. But Sravanthi Ravi Kishore spent 20 lakhs for background music of the film. The wonderful background score that used for that particular scene - in which Shriya sleeps off on the shoulders of her father while Pooja is being performed - reminds us of mellifluous music of Vijayavari albums of 1940's.

Photography is pretty good and it's natural. Hari Anumolu made sure that no excessive lighting is used for authenticity. The night-effect scenes are pretty good. Editing by Srikar Prasad is crisp. Suchitra Chandra Bose and Shankar have composed trendy slow steps for the duets and themes for the teasing songs. Sravanthi Ravi Kishore has to be commended for making a film that makes your heart feel contended after watching it. he makes sure that his heroine has the qualities of perfect woman when it comes to the characterization.

First half of the film is fun and has youth-orientation. But it's the second half that holds the life for 'Nuvve Nuvve'. Masses would enjoy the first half and class people would love the second half. The only weak point of the film is the narration, which is pretty slow. The story only starts after an hour after movie is started. This movie is mainly aimed at matured people and family audiences. Hence it might disappoint the teenyboppers who look for elopement episodes and blatant teasing scenes. We have to wait and see how the audience will receive this slow poison called 'Nuvve Nuvve'