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Nee Sneham Video Songs
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Madhav (Uday Kiran) and Seenu (Jatin) are neighbors and best buddies. They play football representing the AP team. During their trip to Calcutta, Seenu gets injured in order to save Madhav from an accident. Doctors say that Seenu is unfit to play football and he can walk only by using a walking stick. Seenu takes a vow from Madhav that he should not tell anybody that he was injured while saving Madhav.

Amrutha (Arti Agarwal) is a middle class girl who is raised by their grand parents (K Viswanath and Sujatha). Madhav happens to see Amrutha one fine day and falls in love with her. If I start telling the relationships and complexity of the relations, you would complain to me after watching the film that I deprived you of enjoying the happenings on the screen. So let me stop writing the story line and start jumping into actor's performance department.

Artists Perfomance
Uday Kiran has given his best performance till date with this film. There is tremendous maturity and naturalness in his histrionics. He is improving as an artist from film to film. Jatin's character is very much similar to that of Sanjay Dutt in Saajan. It's an underplaying and cool character. He portrayed his character with élan.

Arti Agarwal For the first time she got a character that has more scope to emote and prove her skills in the department of dramatics and she excelled in it. Its a pleasure to she her wearing all traditional dresses in this film. K Viswanath played the role of 'tatayya' to perfection. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao and Giri Babu played character roles. Sakuntala's character of 'Surammatha' is entertaining. She imitated veteran actress Suryakantham in diction and mannerisms. Sivaji Raja played the role of a selfish alludu, who has different personalities. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam provided ample entertainment as the football coach.

Technical Departments
To tell you the truth, I took the route of escapism in the storyline section of this review, as writing down the story of this film is a pretty difficult task. This is the story that can only be seen on the silver screen but cannot be narrated in alphabets. Screenplay of the film is very tight. Though the pace of play is little slow on the screen, MS Raju made sure that he played with the hearts and emotions of the viewers to a pleasing effect.

Direction by Paruchuri Murali is pretty good. The narration is very interesting and he got the viewers attention with in 15 minutes of the film (with the incident where Jatin is subjected to accident) and from then onwards he maintained a steady grip on the attentiveness of the audience. Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are very natural and balanced in this film. There is no exaggeration in the dialogues. There are good and humorous one-liners as well.

Music by RP Patnaik is the highlight of the film. A movie has five dimensions when it comes to convey the matter to the audience. One is the visual (photography). Second one is the situation. Third one is the word (dialogue). Fourth one is the expression (by cast). Fifth one and the most important one that pleases the audience both directly and subconsciously is music. RP Patnaik's music has got a big share in the final outcome. His oral rendition where he croons ragas at appropriate times to elevate the emotions on the screen is simply the best. Usha's Emo Avunemo(humming) is also effectively used for Arti for vital scenes. The songs are great and background music is excellent

The film is told in a very convincing way. Though the narration is little slow, there is no dull moment in this film. All songs are skillfully etched into the storyline and are a pleasure to watch on the celluloid. There are at least a couple of scenes in this film that really touch your heart very strongly and there are whistles from the frontbenchers to those scenes. Can you imagine people responding positively when heroine slaps hero on the face. That's what happened in Satyam theater today, which showed that narration of the film has engrossed the masses to such an extent that they react to a scene like that very positively with whistles and claps. The last 45 minutes of the film makes your heart heavy. The best and most impressive situations in this film are where the song 'Ooruko Hrudayama' and 'veyi kanulato' (2nd time) are played. The effect and impact of watching this film would be there with you for at least few hours. To be told in mass in terms 'ee cinema gundelu pindesindi'. Here is a film that I would recommend for all the movie lovers to watch and enjoy!!