Nee Premakai Video Songs

Suresh Productions
D Rama Naidu
Movie Genre
Love - Drama

Nee Premakai Video Songs
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Srinivas (Vineeth) and Prabhu (Abbas) are roommates. Srinivas is a sincere guy working in BATA as manager. Prabhu is a parasite, who uses the money and room of Srinivas for his own luxury. Both these guys have a pious and beautiful neighbor in the form of Anjali (Laya). Srinivas sincerely loves her. Srinivas sends money (Rs 10,000/-) for Anjali as an anonymous well wisher, since her father could not afford MCA education for Anjali. Prabhu takes the credit by pretending to be that anonymous well wisher. Prabhu exploits Srinivas to the maximum and uses it to attract Anjali. At the same time, Prabhu creates such a situation where Anjali start hating Srinivas.

A relative of Srinivas (Brahmanandam) talks with the parents of Anjali and makes them agree to marry off Anjali to Srinivas. But when Anjali comes to know about this, she says that she is in love with Prabhu. Anjali parents alter their decision and decide to marry off Anjali to Prabhu. The rest of the film is all about how Prabhu's true character revealed.

Artists Perfomance
Vineeth does not look fresh anymore. He looked pretty tired in this film. His action is apt. He suited the role of Srinivas character, which gets exploited again and again. Abbas suited his role, which has negative shades. He seems to have put on some extra weight.

Laya has become redundant in her action. Her range of expressions is pretty limited. Laya voice did not suit her role in this film. Her voice was apt for her in 'Preminchu' film as it has lots of innocence attached, as she played the role of blind girl. Sonia Agrawal did a small cameo. She looks cool, she is photographed from a distance in most of the scenes.

Technical Departments
Muppalaneni Siva has selected the safe way of doing the project. The story belongs to love genre. But he introduced Brahmanandam and Sudhakar comedy track to attack masses. In this process, he proved himself to be a formula director by leaving his creativity and sensibilities behind.Music of the film is big let down. Music is pretty average and makes no impact on the viewers. It's a typical D Rama Naidu film, which is aimed at masses with minimum entertainment value and strong storyline coupled with good amount of sentiment.

It's a typical formula film made in a time-tested traditional way. First half provides good entertainment. But the second half is little monotonous. Over all its an average film. This movie might click well with masses in B and C centers. We have to wait and see if Suresh Production repeats the success mantra again at box office.