Naa Style Veru Review

Disira Productions
Maganti Sunitha
Movie Genre
Naa Style Veru Review
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Sivaram (Rajasekhar) is a drunkard who hates his family and there is a flashback reason for that. His life takes a turn when he gets an unexpected call from Parvati (Bhumika).

Her life is in danger as there is someone in her family who wants to kill her for her property. Sivaram manages to get hold of Parvathi and brings her home.

They wait for the arrival of her father (Vijaykumar) from US and in the meantime, few incidents happen and some of them get killed. Finally, Sivaram decides to get rid of the bottle and solve the mystery and at the same time, protect Parvathi from the killer. How does he do that forms the rest of the story.

Rajasekhar has come up with a regular performance and his fitness levels are good. Since this is not a regular angry role, it was a different facet of his acting. Bhumika is glowing as usual and looked really seductive in sarees and songs.

Brahmanandam failed to impress, Ali was okay, Venu Madhav was stale, Ahuti Prasad was ineffective, Devaraj did not have anything, Vijaykumar did justice to his presence, Jeeva was average, Keerath looked really beautiful though very brief, she has potential for glamour, Chalapathi Rao, Banerjee, Annapurna and others were standard.

The dialogues were just regular and the background score was totally disconnected and disgusting, one song was okay, cinematography was neat and showed its presence during songs, costumes and art department did a good job, editing could have been better.

Weak Points:
No exciting factors in story line
Predictable suspense
Much publicized yellow car has no big role to play
Weak comedy line

The film takes the lead from the English movie ‘Celluloid’ that released more than a decade ago. Later on, it gets into the regular Indian style and it must be said that at no point was it able to appeal to the audience.

While the first half just passed off, the second half was wasted in unwanted comedy and the climax was over descriptive to resolve the mystery. It was too lengthy and the film would have done better if the comedy aspect was focused and the length be altered since it is meant to be a thriller of sorts. There is not much momentum which can engage the audience and it cannot be attributed to the mass or class as such.

Though there is an element of suspense involved and few twists to it, these were not good enough to keep the curiosity alive. The presentation was okay but the narrative of the plot was weak. The film might just pass off if there is some word of mouth attached to it in a positive manner otherwise it will be joining the list of regular duds.