Naa Manasistha Raa Video Songs

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Naa Manasistha Raa Video Songs
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Soundarya (read Sounds) disrobes Richa Sharma in the broad daylight at a public market place. Sounds shocking? Huh! That is what the film 'Naa Manasista Raa!' all about!! Did you guess why Sounds disrobed Richa of her striking red color saree? Sound's lover Srikanth presented that saree to Richa Sharma. Hmm! Sounds interesting. It's actually a triangular love story. Richa and Srikanth love each other. But Sounds love towards Srikanth is just one-sided. And she firmly believes in the old adage - 'Anything is fair in love and war!'

Had you ever been to Hyderabad? Do you miss the tank bund, necklace road and traveling in the metro expresses of Hyderabad? You don't have to miss it any more. 30% of this film is shot in a 47 numbered Jubilee Hills bound metro express. Another 30% of the film is shot in a bus stop located at necklace road. They did not even spare the bus journey in the dream songs. They caught hold of a posh bus in abroad and shoot in it for a song! Do you want to watch another film canned on train journey. You can watch a film titled 'Panchadara Chiluka' (*ing Srikanth and Kausalya), at the risk of a sporadic headache. Watch out for Nag's 'Akasa Veedhilo'. This film is reported to have shot a major part in a flight!

Silent love! Almost all of the guys and girls have gone through this phase, where one could spot one's 'dil-ki-dhadkan' on the streets, but could not approach him/her. Most of these silent loves continue till that person finds another attractive girl/boy. Here, we are talking about the silent love of 'Srikanth-Richa'. In this film Richa never utters a single word to Srikanth in the whole film. Sounds strange? That's how some of the love stories shape up! Did you watch DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). This film is touted as the modern tale of love story with the youth having high attitude, yet 'phir-bhi-dil-hain-hindustani' heart. In this love story too, Shahrukh and Kajol never utters 'I Love You' to each other.

Sri Sri told an adage that 'Konta Mandi Yuvakulu - Puttukatho Vruddulu'. Take the case of RR Shinde, the director of this film. Can you guess his age? He is nearing his 60. He rewrote the Sri Sri's opinion - 'Konthamandi Vruddulu - Eppatiki Yuvakulu'. No wonder. The two films directed by him are pure love stories playing on the emotions of the audiences.

You know what? A few of the girls are getting jealous when I mention about Rani in my articles. They are sending me emails that I am spoiling Rani by giving 'ideas'. Hence, I would like to spare Rani for this 'blah blah'. What do ya say, guys!!