Mutyamantha Muddu Video Songs

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K S Rama Rao
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Mutyamantha Muddu Video Songs
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This film is based on a novel called “Thriller” by Yandamuri Veerendranath (whose novels have been converted into films like Abhilasha, Challenge and Aakhari Poratam). Indian mythology is filled with stories of rishis and munis who perform penance for years and are granted special powers by God. These sages are known to perform such tapassu for many reasons. Is it possible that someone could perform such penance for love? This weird but novel premise forms the basis for this movie, written and directed by Ravi Raja Pinisetty (Chanti, Pedarayudu, Yamudiki Mogudu). Seetha stars as Vidyadhari, a girl whose experiences with men have been distressing and painful. Rajendra Prasad is cast against type (which means that there is very little humor here) in the role of the lover, Anudeep. Both the principal actors deliver competent performances. Divya Vani (in probably her first movie) and Murali Mohan are present in supporting roles. Hamsalekha provides the soundtrack for this movie which has some appealing tracks, particularly Premalekha Raasa (which is incidentally being used as the title for a new film directed by lyricist Kula Sekhar). The screenplay has some loopholes and a few illogical sequences but it did keep me engrossed when I watched it as a kid. It does not hold my interest as much now. Though I wouldn’t rate this movie highly today, it might make an interesting watch (based on the premise) for those who like to watch movies for the story and drama.