Mutamestri Video Songs

Kamakshi Sri Devi Kamal Combains
Kamakshi Sri Devi Kamal Combains
Movie Genre
Action - Drama

Mutamestri Video Songs
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This 1993 hit, which actually did better in Karnataka, where it set box office records, compared to Andhra, came after the debacle of Apathbandavudu.
muta mestriA. Kondandarami Reddy directed this film that was produced by Kamakshi Devi Combines. What is interesting to note is that in light of the subject and the tremendous craze Chiru had obtained after the sensational hit Gharana Mogudu, many analysts and fans believed this film would be Chiru’s political launching pad. muta mestriHowever his political career has not materialized to date. Bose (Chiru) is a very patriotic man who fights for the rights of the local market workers against Aatma, the nearby underworld don.

Seeing his dedication for helping the working poor, the chief minister (Gummadi) asks him to enter politics. As a politician, he takes charge of a special branch of commandos and destroys Aatma’s illegal operations. In retaliation Aatma has Bose’s sister falsely implicated in a prostution case, after which she commits suicide on the court steps. Bose resigns from his position and takes revenge on Aatma. Finally, he returns to his old life at the market. Chiru plays the role of a local market worker who becomes a government official well. The rough crudeness of Bose, the market worker, is carried through to Bose, the government official perfectly.
To sum it up, it is sort of like the character in Jimmy Stuart’s classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, in that Chiru plays an average joe shmoe who suddenly becomes a political heavyweight, yet sticks with his old fashioned, middle class values and ideals of what a politician should be. It is sort of the ideal politician. However great Chiru was here, this is a regular masala film, whereas Stuart’s film is a Hollywood classic. Meena is cute as Bose’s jealous girlfriend and Roja is good as his secretary who thinks that Bose is a cassanova and womanizer. Chiru in these scenes where she depicts to him to be as such is very convincing and reminds one of the Chiru from Mosagadu days. Music is pretty good. Kondaramireddy directed this film well. Overall, it is a good mass entertainer.

However, considering that it is a political film, Chiru’s character though sincere, is too one dimensional. He is too pure and just. There is no showing of his agonizing over decisions. He seems to have ultimate control. Though it was a different role for him, if he was given a chacter with an edge or with some weaknesses, as in Kirathakudu, it would have been a more meaningful film.