Mundadugu Video Songs

Suresh Productions Pvt Ltd
D Rama Naidu Presents
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Mundadugu Video Songs
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Mundadugu is a 1983 Telugu Drama film produced by D. Rama Naidu of Suresh Productions and directed by K. Bapaiah.It is remade in Hindi language in 1984 as Maqsad starring Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Jayapradha, Sridevi.

Gummadi and Sivakrishna are brothers. Shivakrishna is a socialist and wanted to spend the property for the poor. Whereas Gummadi is very selfish. Their differences leads to the death of Sivakrishna with the help of Raogopal Rao, Allu and Chalapati Rao. Their children are Chakravarthi (Sobhan Babu) and Tilak (Krishna). Krishna joins as a worker in the company of Gummadi. Jayaprada is nephew of Gummadi loves Tilak. Chakravarthi loves Sridevi, daughter of a teacher in their company. The villains complaints on Tilak. The resulting conflict between Chakravarthi and Tilak finally leads to the revealation of their relationship and ends happily.