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Muddula Mogudu Video Songs
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Vamsi ( Balakrishna) imagines himself to be Majnu in his previous birth and takes Sirisha (Meena) to be his Laila in her present birth and persues her and wins over her heart. Sirisha's parents Sakuntala and Bhaskara Rao (Lakshmi and Satyanarayana) detest the love affair between Vamsi and Sirisha. They loathe his family background and intimidate him by making it very clear that there can be no matrimonial alliance between the two families.

Vamsi confronts his mother Parvathidevi (Annapurna) about the truth behind the accusations. Parvathidevi reveals that Sakuntaladevi's son (Raj Kumar) and Vamsi's elder sister, Padma (Ravali) had married against Sakuntaladevi's wishes. Not withstanding the insult she had accused Padma of infidelity and of having had an affair with a servant. With the help of her brother Gnaneswara Rao (Kota) Parvathidevi has Padma murdered and hangs a noose around her neck declaring that she had in reality committed a suicide.

Vamsi's mother reminds him that it is his bounden duty to marry his sister's daughter Sarada (also played by Ravali in a dual role) who lives with them almost in cognito. Vamsi declares that none can come in the way of his love for Sirisha. Sakuntaladevi demands a dowry for her girl (in a reversal of an age-old custom) along with that their property also to be named after Sirisha if Vamsi wishes to marry her.

After the nuptials (read first night) to everyone's amazement Vamsi drives out Sirisha after bedecking her with all the jewels and writing the property in her name. Bewildered by the utter rejection of her daughter by Vamsi, Sakuntala declares Vamsi impotent and has her daugher file for a divorce. In the meanwhile (after a lapse of some months) it is learnt that Sirisha is pregnant. It is Vamsi's turn to get back at his mother-in-law. He brings Sirisha out into the open and seeks an explanation for her pregnancy if he were really impotent. Left with no choice, Sakuntaladevi seeks pardon from her son-in-law and begs of him to take her daughter back as his wife. Vamsi now reveals that as a child having been a witness to the atrocities perpetrated on his sister, he had decided to make Sakuntaladevi's family go through a similar pain intimidation and agony. Thus seeking revenge he pretended he was Majnu in his previous birth. In a new twist to the story, Sirisha is taken away (thanks to the property in her name) by her uncle Gnaneswar Rao (read villian) to be married to his son Giri (Sudhakar). With Sakuntaladevi confessing to the atrocities committed on Padma in front of the town's people, Vamsi rushes to rescue Sirisha. The film comes to a happy end with Vamsi finding a good match for his niece.

Although a story with a well tested theme and plot, Kodandarami Reddy's skillful & imaginative direction keep the audience's interest . The movie offers variety especially as Vamsi's role - play as Majnu,some unexpected twists in the story, and with vibrant songs, the director doesn't let the movie slacken or boring. Although each one of the actors acquit themselves with their acting, Bala Krishna scores the highest among them all. Dialogue by P.Krishna Murali in some scenes is quite strong but apt. Photography is quite impressive. A good movie with most of the box office ingredients from Bala Krishna for his fans.