Mouna Ragam Trailers

Sri Saideva Productions
N V Prasad
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Mouna Ragam Trailers
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An old story, the tale begins with Chandu (Tanish) who dotes on his maradalu Kaveri (suhasini), he has a strong love for her and does everything for her. She grows up, studies well and gets a job too. Due to a sequence of events, Sandhya (madhurima) chances upon Chandu and inevitably, she has to stay at his place for some reasons though he dislikes it. Meanwhile, Kaveri gets engaged to a rich man and makes Chandu realizes of his status when he asks her. Dejected, he is about to end his life when Sandhya comes and reveals her flashback. Together, they decide to help each other and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a routine love saga and both the presentation and narrative were average. The dialogues were okay, the script was normal and the screenplay was simple. Background score was not upto the mark but two songs were good. Lyrics were nice. Cinematography was patchy. Editing was required at many places. Costumes were neat and the art department didn't have much to show. Tanish has given a good performance and he does justice to his role, but his voice has to get some masculinity. Madhurima is a show stealer and she looks really beautiful, even her performance was good and she has a lot of future. Suhasini looks sexy but she has to work on her body language, Venu was alright, M S gave few laughs, Ali was brief, Dharmavarapu was serious, Chandramohan came and went, Hema, Madhavi, Surya and others filled the screen. Jeeva was nice.

The film runs on a beaten track and the audience has seen such formula many times. However, there are few scenes which are effective. While the first half goes about with the elements of romance, dull comedy and unwanted songs, the second half has got the sentimental twist and some melodrama before a climax which looks a bit bizarre. The technical values of the film were weak and commercially, it requires strong publicity to get some profits. Madhurima will score with this movie though.