Mosagallaku Mosagadu 2015 Review

Lakshmi Narasimha Enterainments
Sankara Chigurupati
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Action Romance
Mosagallaku Mosagadu 2015 Review
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Mosagallaku Mosagadu starring Sudheer Babu in the title role is marketed as a sequel to successful Swamy Rara. Director Bose Nelluri wielded megaphone for this film.

What is it about?

Rudra (Abhimanyu Singh) plans a perfect heist by robbing priceless idols of Rama and Sita. Police comes to know about the whereabouts of the robbers and in the process of escaping from the cops the two robbers run in different ways. Rama idol gets stolen by a petty thief called Krish (Sudheer Babu). He comes to know that the idol is worthless until he doesn't find the Sita idol. So Krish takes Rama idol to Rudra and waits for the time to steal both the idols.


Sudheer Babu has certainly done better than his previous films. There is a lot to improve and he should ease up a bit more and act casually in these type of characters. Nandini Rai is alright. Abhimanyu Singh has nothing to do but look stylish in those suits. Jayaprakash Reddy gets a meaty role and he did good. Praveen, Fish Venkat, Duvvasi Mohan are fine in their respective roles. Chandramohan did a key role in the movie. He is natural as usual. Manchu Manoj did a blink and miss character.


Director Bose Nelluri focuses on the comedy part. He tried to make this a commercial entertainer in spite of having an interesting premise that has lot of scope to offer freshness. This is an average effort from the newcomer who did fairly decent job in getting the comedy right. Music is not so impressive. Cinematography is adequate and editing is clumsy in few parts.

Thumbs Up:


Thumbs Down:

Predictable Screenplay

Overdrawn First Half


Mosagallaku Mosagadu starts on a fine note as the director wastes no time in getting to the point. Everything seems fine until the introduction of few key characters and the screenplay loses steam after some time. Things get very boring as the focus shifts to comedy by leaving the main plot aside.

Second half moves at a better pace but the director once again banks on comedy than focusing upon the thrill factor. Highly predictable twists and turns don't let the film to raise the bar above the average mark. Even the comedy isn't entirely enjoyable due to the loudness. There are few unnecessary songs and action episodes to make things worse.

Comedy during the climax is decent with Saptagiri and Fish Venkat taking the charge. Mosagallaku Mosagadu is not a good film but offers a bit of entertainment. Don't expect too much out of it and you may not be totally disappointed with the output. We have to see if the comedy part can bail this film out or not. - See more at:

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