Monalisa Video Songs

Lankesh Chithralaya
Indrajit Lankesh Presents
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Monalisa Video Songs
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Dyan (Dyan) is a just-graduated youngster. He falls in love with Monalisa (Sadaf), who is born to NRI parents. Monalisa dies in an accident in USA when she visits her parents. A heart-broken Dyan becomes crazy and starts getting addicted to alcohol. His worried parents select a girl for Dyan. A reluctant Dyan okays the alliance without even looking the face of girl for his parents sake. After knotting mangala sutra, Dyan realizes that the bride is none but Spandana, who is an exact look-alike replica of Monalisa. Being a sincere lover he is, Dyan could not forget Monalisa and make love to Spandana because Spandana's looks remind him of Monalisa all the time. When he is about to forget Monalisa and fall in love Spandana, Monalisa resurfaces into his life again and tells him that her death news is a mischief of his father who did not want her to get married to Dyan. The rest of the story is about whom Dyan prefers