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Manmada Video Songs
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Here is yet another second generation artiste from T.Rajendran's family. He is Simbhu. This Simbhu calls his new film 'Manmadha' as a 'next generation film'. Like his father Rajendran, Simbhu too proves a multi-talented man and a dedicated filmmaker. He too comes out with an entertainer. He is a good actor too and proves it playing dual roles of brothers, with distinct difference between the looks and performances of both these characters. It appears he has a hand in directing the movie, as the story is his. Official director Jay Murugan too turned out a good job.

The story has many twists, endless but unpredictable. Screenplay is the highlight. Mandira Bedi is coupled with the initial scene of the hero and her role of a psychiatrist that ends there. Yana Gupta did an item song. This film's target is youth audience in the main. Yuvan Sankar Raja scored good music. The film opens with Madan (Simbhu) pretending a psychologically disturbed patient, only to draw the attention of Mandira Bedi. He tells that a girl named Pooja pretended love to him and ditched. Mandira calms him in her embrace, while the hero winks to the camera. This establishes the character of Madan. A duet between Madan and Mandira follows.

Jyothika dreams of the same Madan raping her. She shrieks and gets relived after knowing that it was a bad dream. But it turns lucky for Madan, as she starts loving him. She argues that he should wed her as he raped her in her dream. Hence he has the responsibility of marrying her. That is how the argument goes. There is college-ragging scenes too. Circle Inspector (Atul Kulkarni) of the area is in search of a person who is killing all the girls, known for ditching men pretending love. The police officer ultimately captures Madan as his features and the appearance of the serial killer is similar. Madan is interrogated. He reveals that there is one Manmadha a look alike of him, who is on this killing spree. "He is my younger brother," he says and flash back begins. This narrates how this Manmadha (another role played by Simbhu) tells that he is innocent and was cheated by a woman, whom he saw in a bus and started loving her. Her name is Vaishnavi (Sindhu). In fact Vaishnavi has an affair with one of her classmates named Sreenu and uses this innocent Manmadha as a prop. On seeing them on bed and after overhearing their talk, he gets upset and hits on her head with a stone. She dies. He also kills Seenu. This news spreads. He then goes to his brother Madan. And commits suicide after narrating his story with Vaishnavi. This convinces the police and the court that Madan is innocent. The court asks police to continue their search for the real culprit. Once Madan is released, Jyothika decides to marry him and expresses her mind. Madan also accepts. Only then Madan tells a different story that goes to say that he continued the job that was started by his brother.

Simbhu's approach to dramatize the theme is quite novel. He renders every scene interesting. He appeals more in playing the role of Manmadha. Jyothika teams up well with him. Sindhu as Vaishnavi is passable. Atul Kulkarni is the only other important artiste in the drama. Music and photographic work are laudable