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Manavoori Pandavulu Video Songs
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Manavoori Pandavulu is a classic Telugu film of 1978 from Bapu-Ramana (Mullapudi Venkata Ramana) duo dealing with the struggle against the feudal system in their own unique way. This movie is remade, from Kannada movie Paduvaaralli Pandavaru directed by legendary Puttanna Kanagal, by noted cartoonist Bapu. In 1980, he also remade it in Hindi as Hum Paanch starring Mithun Chakraborty.The film revolves around Krishna (played by Krishnam Raju) who brings together an unlikely group of 5 youngsters to help in creating awareness among their villagers to revolt against the cruel village head, Rambhoopal (Rao Gopal Rao) and his henchmen. Even though being a revolutionary theme, the movie was wonderfully made without the usual noise that accompanies the leftist movies and fashioned on the lines of the great epic Mahabharatham. Amazing performances by all the actors (Krishnam Raju, Raogopal Rao, Allu Ramalingaiah etc.) and wonderful technical backup make this movie another classic from Bapu. The film also has Chiranjeevi as a very young actor (his second movie to be released) in the role of Parthu.