Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi Trailers

Laughing Lords entertainment
Jaya Sri Sambasiva Rao
Movie Genre
Family Entertainament

Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi Trailers
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Set on the backdrop of Rajolu, Chiranjeevulu (Jagapathi) is a landlord who gets married to Sandhya (Neelima) a city bred girl. They have a son Vishwanath (Atulith) and both father-son share deep bond. In a bid to earn more money, Sandhya compels Chiranjeevulu to invest huge money into shares and an IT firm. The investment fails, Chiranjeevulu loses everything, Sandhya goes to a training to take up job. Both father and son then come to the city in search of livelihood and Chiranjeevulu’s only aim is to see Vishwanath joining a good school. What he does for that and whether he is successful or not forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance
Jagapathi Babu He is good at delivering such roles and as usual, it was effective. Jagapathi Babu also looks apt for the role and his screen presence suits the moods. Master Atulith The real life and soul of the film is this little boy who strikes a chord with the audience. His cute expressions and balance in emotions during sentimental scenes will flood the viewers with feelings. He is a star. Neelima role was limited but Neelima made her presence felt. She has a homely sex appeal with natural beauty so she can look at taking up glamorous roles as well. Jayaprakash Reddy: He knows what is best to deliver at what time and so he has done justice to his role. Jayaprakash Reddy can mix negative shades with humor very well so he does not fail. Brahmanandam was alright, Ali managed few laughs, M S Narayana was hilarious. The others contributed to their requirement.

Final Analysis

The film is ideally a family entertainer and it is filled with enough dose of sentiment and emotion. The journey of father and son and how the bond builds has been depicted in a good manner. The dialogues were neat, the script was well written but the screenplay could have been better. Background score was apt but the songs were a disappointment. Cinematography did a good job and editing was crisp. Costumes were natural and the art department was effective. The film is a good treat for those who wish to have few emotional moments and credit must be given to the child artiste Atulith for bringing about that sensitive portrayal of a son who is attached to his father strongly. The screen chemistry is nice and the technical aspects are good as well. However, the film has been suffering a blow due to the poor publicity by the makers. This has potential to be a profit grosser but it needs that push.