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This film stars with showing the births Siddhardha Roy (Pawan Kalyan) and Madhumita (Bhumika Chawla) in Kolkata and Kaikaluru respectively. They grow up and the scene changes and this couple are of 20 years old now. Siddardha Roy, who is fondly called as Siddu, is all set to go to Canada after securing the admission for doing his MS. On the other hand, Madhumita, who is fondly called as Madhu, is all set to engage a guy whom her father has chosen.

But the destiny has other plans for them. Siddu meets with an accident and gets hospitalized. The guy with whom Madhu is supposed to get engaged elopes with his secret sweetheart. And Madhu and Siddu get an admission in the Nizam college of Hyderabad. They meet each other and find that they have lots of things in common and are made for each other. But there is one catch. They want others to express the love to them than expressing themselves.

One fine evening, during exams time, this couple wanted to do combined study. As Madhu is reading a book on 'Internet', our Siddu joins her with a book on 'Cobol'. Madhu is sensually dressed with a black transparent saree which made Siddu voyeur at her novel which gets exposed due to the breeze of air. Madhu gets suspicious and realizes that Siddu is ogling at her novel, in deed. She asks him about what he is doing and he denies the act of ogling at her. A small issue gets blown out of proportion and their inflated ego takes over their hearts and they decide that they are no more friends. They do not share any relationship.

They are brought back together as Madhu's best friend Lakshmi and Siddu's best friend Babu are in deep love and Lakshmi's father Gunduba Satti threatens Lakshmi of dire consequences if she continues her relationship with Babu. Madhu and Siddu decide that though they are united to save their friends, they individually share no relationship. They marry off Lakshmi and Babu. As told by a background voice in the biginning of the film, it is sure that Siddu and Madhu are going to marry each other. But the most exiting thing is about this film that the turn of events they have gone through. You must watch this film on a big screen with DTS effect to experience this amazingly essayed celluloid poetry.

Artists Performances
"One-Man-Show" is the apt word that describes the role of Pawan Kalyan in this film. He has shown finesse in each and every department. Be it dialogue delivery, fighting, singing or dancing. This film has four fights, which are extraordinary. And the specialty of these fights is that Pawan Kalyan himself composes them all. They are very real and pretty powerful. The dialogue delivery and modulation of Pawan Kalyan is impeccable. So are the dances in this film, which are done with lot of grace. Bhumika is very cute in this film. She matched Pawan with her performance.

Technical Departments
SJ Surya, who made a terrific film Vaali in the past, has come up with another winner this time. There is no story in this film. The whole 2 hours and 45 minutes of this story runs with a neat screenplay. He has done an extraordinary job as screenplay wright.

The rerecording of this film is excellent and event the minute change of expression on the face of the actor is synchronized with the superb orchestration of background music in this film. Songs of this film are very good. Rajendra Kumar's dialogues, which are pretty comedy oriented, make the viewers giggle all the time.

This film has 70% of comedy, 20% of songs and 10% of action in the backdrop of undercurrent love. Once, I started watching this film, I forgot about everything else and immersed myself in the inscrutable story that is unfolding on the screen. This film is an urbane one and has got all the ingredients the youth looks for. Pawan Kalyan is going from strength to strength and this is the best film done by him so far. The success of this film is unstoppable. But the magnitude of success of this film depends on how hardcore masses embrace this delicate urban youth film. Only the time will tell.