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Ramana (Krishnudu) is the only son of local MLA Akula Appa Rao (Jayaprakash Reddy). He falls in love with his college-mate Lavanya (Shraddha Arya). Ramana wants to propose her, and at the same time, he comes to know that she wanted to pursue higher education and needs five years time. In order to wait for her, Ramana starts failing in his degree exam for five years. Lavanya returns to the college as lecturer and surprised to notice Ramana in the class.Then Ramana expresses his love to Lavanya and latter tells him to get through the examination first. Ramana completes his degree in first class, but Lavanya refuses his love again. When Ramana insists as to what prevented her from loving him, she says that she was the daughter of a beggar named Koneru Anjaneyulu Anji (AVS). Ramana tells his parents about his love and Appa Rao gets angry and sends goons to thrash Anji. what happens next should be seen on screen.

Artist Perfomance
Though the hero of the film is Krishnudu, he had not much role to play but to shake legs for a couple of songs with the heroine. Even the heroine Shraddha Arya did not get any scope to perform at all. Moreover, being dressed as a girl from high society with costly sarees and other outfits, she remains to stay in the slum along with his father, which looked quite odd. Jayaprakash Reddy is in his best as a politician and his character also evoked good laughter. Kovai Sarala, Harsha Vardhan and Hema and other have done justice to their roles. Though Brahmanandam, Venumadhav, Ali and Raghubabu did not play any role in the film, they just appear on the screen with mobile phones calling up Jayaprakash Reddy and threatening him and cursing him on various occasions.

Techinical Department
Camera work by Srinviasa Reddy and editing by MR Varma are just average. Music by Manisharma is just okay, but the parady of different songs, uniting them into one evokes lots of humour. Dialogues by Janardhana Maharshi are good in parts and the speech by AVS during the oath-taking ceremony is worth listening in the entire film. AVS once has again failed to attract the audiences with his story because of the not-so-gripping screenplay. The film appeared like a combination of different patches and it lacked the continuity. The love thread between the hero and heroine was not properly established. In fact, the director left the actual hero of the film as a character artiste in the entire second half as AVS himself became the centre of attraction. The ‘mushti’ comedy again is a parody of Pokiri. Instead of showing his ability in direction, he concentrated most on acting and became a centre of attraction in the second half. As a result, the film remained boring. Especially, the film lacked the basic logic of how a beggar turn an MLA with the help of beggars on the whole.

It is really an insult to a great poet like Sri Sri and his ‘Maha Prasthanam’ as the director used a part of the lyric and made parody on it for election campaign of a beggar. Instead of trying to burn his hands in the department of direction, AVS should continue his career as a comedian. Better avoid watching the film as it doesn’t have any meaning nor any entertainment values, and read the tagline as ‘Not Even Comedy’.