Kondaveeti Raja Video Songs

Devi Film Productions
Devi Film Productions
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Action, drama,Family

Kondaveeti Raja Video Songs
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Chiru plays an archeologist in disguise of a village youth in this movie.Kondaveeti Raja In kondaveedu,there is an old fort and every one in that village believes that there is a hidden treasure inside.
Raogopalrao, a rich man in the village, tries tries every possible way to explore that treasure.
An archeological assistant ,Raja(Chiru) comes to this village in disguise as an ordinary youth in search of a job.
He unearths the secret of this hidden treasure.
Now Raja, becomes a problem for Raogopalrao by interfering in all his misdeeds.
Unexpectedly Raja’s sister’s daughter padma is in the same village and she meets Raja to gives her heart to him.
But Raja falls in love with an another village belley,Rani.
Raja realizes the truth that it was Raogopalrao, who killed his sister and plans to take revenge for his sister’s murder. Ultimately raja
He succeeds in his attempts at the cost of rani’s love, who sacrifices her love to help Raja.
The hidden treasure is recovered and handed over to the government, and Raja and Padma marry.
Simple story with 2 heroines to sing and dance, but no worth mentioning songs.
Chiru, as usual excels in his role as a villager in disguise, and also his fights are interesting.