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King (Akkineni Nagarjuna) belongs to the royal dynasty of Coimbatore. He has a doting mother (Geetha) and a loving brother (Deepak). He has three brother-in-laws who are after the blood of the king in order to get a share in their property. In this scenario, King gets killed when he visits Dehradoon for a project work.

Bottu Seenu (Nagarjuna) is a local mafia man in twin cities who does settlements. Gnaneswar (Srihari) is an innocent don of the city. Bottu Seenu falls in love with an aspiring singer Sravani (Trisha). But Sravani is of a soft type and she likes soft guys. Hence Bottu Seenu takes the avatar of a software engineer to impress her. The rest of the story is all about whether King is killed or not.

Artists Performance
Nagarjuna donned three roles of different dimensions. Among the three, Nagarjuna impresses with the mass character of Bottu Seenu. Nagarjuna should be appreciated for acting in some self-deprecating scenes (like Brahmanandam beating Nagarjuna's legs). Trisha’s character has two shades in the film and she is cute.Mamata Mohandas is not the second heroine of the film. She played an important character. Srihari is cool as an innocent don who has a thing for drawing horrible paintings. Brahmanandam donned the role of a music director. His character has stark resemblance to that of a popular music director in Telugu film industry. The shot in which he poses as a guitarist for Srihari's painting is hilarious. Sunil's role is nice as the guy whose identity is stolen by the hero.

Technical Department

Screenplay – direction: Seenu Vytla is an expert in screenplay. But the screenplay of this film is both good as well as bad. Good because the screenplay is extremely complicated. Bad because the finesse is missing. The director could not evenly distribute the twists in the film. He has one twist coming in interval. And he let all other twists come in the last 15 minutes of the film. The best thing I liked in the screenplay of the film is the thread of hero stealing the identity of Sunil. It is beautifully written, but was not used to the maximum extent. The concept of fetish for painting horror images was already done in Seenu Vytla’s ‘Anandamanandamaye’ film. It is more effectively used in this film (especially the three drops scene).Direction of the film is adequate. The director could have made Srihari character little serious as he is shown as a completely innocent man. The film needs a lot of trimming in second half from the moment the gang enters King's palace.

Music of the film is average. The songs that interested me were King title song and Bammardi. The cute walking of Nagarjuna in a beach song shot is nice. Kelli Dorji enacted the role of the rapper in King title song. The much touted 8-heroine song does not impress. Some of the steps in this song were adapted from OSO song. Background music of the film should have been better. Cinematography is adequate. Dialogues by Ravi fits the bill. Some dialogues like 'King gelavadu. Gelipistadu' are good. Few dialogues like 'King ni pattukovadam kastame kaadu, asadhyam kuda' (Hindi Don's dialogue 'Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin na mumkin hai') are clichéd. Editing should have been crisper as there is lot of lag in the second half. Production values for the film are good.

First half of the film is alright. Second half should have been better. The climax of the film looks contrived. The plus points of the film are Nagarjuna and a few 'Seenu Vytla' kind of comic moments. The weakness is unevenly distributed content in the film. We definitely expect a better film from Seenu Vytla for the kind of talent he possesses. We have to wait and see how audiences embrace it.