Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appala Raju Video Songs

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Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appala Raju Video Songs
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Appalaraju (Sunil) who is an avid film buff comes to Hyderabad with an aim to become a top film director. He has a heroine oriented script Nayaki, with which he impresses a smalltime producer Rakhi (Raghu Babu). Later on a top heroine Kanishka (Sakshi Gulati) gets bowled over by Appalaraju’s script and readily accepts to star in it. The hero character is too small in it but Kanishka convinces her boy friend and top hero Babu (Adarsh) to be a part of the film. So, Nayaki turns out to be a star studded film in making. However, Kanishka and Babu breaks up and in comes KT (Ajay) an upcoming superstar into the film. This irks Babu and he tries in every possible way to put breaks on Nayaki. On the other hand, Appalraju who was earlier stubborn in changing his script for commercial conveniences and starry glitches starts to make a film according to the hero and producer will. His aim to make a new wave film doesn’t get fulfilled but he becomes a successful film director and he also bags a Gurram award as the best comedy director with Nayaki.

Sunil tried to be subtle but ended up with a tame show. The lack of interest is seen in his expressions. We can’t blame him as the content of the film is that bad that even a senior actor like Sunil too fails to be in his sorts. Ajay and Adarsh are okay as the egoistic heroes and Sakshi Gulati performance is painful to watch. Swathi once again goes overboard as the director asked her to be so. Raghu Babu is fine and Harshavardhan is good. Brahmanandam’s comedy falls flat and Tanu Roy’s over action is unbearable. Raja Ravinder, Tanikella Bharani, Suman Shetty, Venu Madhav etc did according to the directions of RGV.

The film is made on a low scale budget and most of the scenes look like a TV serial. Not much was spent on the talkie part. Only a couple of songs are shot well. Cinematography is not up to the standards of Varma. Music is another minus. Background score can be regarded as the worst ever in a mainstream Telugu cinema. Editing is not impressive. Dialogue and other departments failed utterly making this film to be a fine example of what it can be when all the 24 crafts go wrong. Production values are substandard. Ram Gopal Varma can breathe easy. If Bollywood critics watch this flick they would rate that Aag is way better than Appalaraju. In that way Ram Gopal Varma outclassed himself. Hope he doesn’t better it with his next outings.

Ram Gopal Varma’s main intention in making this film is to let the people know how the aspiring directors get compromised due to filmy circumstances and of course the never changing attitude of audience and their love for masala elements. KSD Appalaraju is a satirical movie which targets the film industry and also the audience alike. RGV’s idea is good but Appalaraju fails in the execution. There is no proper Katha, screenplay in this film. Ram Gopal Varma takes everything for granted and shows that any director with good script in hands can become a director within no time. But the reality is nowhere near to it.