Kalisundam Raa Video Songs

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D RamaNaidu
Movie Genre
Love/Family Oriented

Kalisundam Raa Video Songs
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Raghaviah(Vishwanath) and Ram Mohan(Rama Mohan) are brothers in-law. But Rammohan is at loggerhead with Raghavaiah because of a family feud. Raghavaiah is nearing his 60's and its time for his 'shastipoorti' ceremony. It's time for gathering, folks! Upon incessant request from his wife, Raghavaiah decides to invite (for the first time) his daughter-in-law and grandsons who are staying in Bombay.

Raghu(Venky) is the alienated handsome grandson of Raghavaiah. After arriving at Ramapuram from Bombay, he faces embarrassment from the members of Raghavaiah's family. There he meets a childlike beauty Manga(Simran). Manga and Raghu play few pranks on each other and slowly they fall deep in love. But they never admit their love to each other. With his unconditional love towards the family members, Raghu wins the confidence and hearts of them.

Later on Raghu comes to know the real flashback behind the feud between the families of Raghavaiah and RamMohan. Raghu's father is supposed to marry the daughter of RamMohan. Raghu's father prefers his college flame to the maternal uncle's daughter. He leaves for Mumbai and gets married to his sweetheart. A disappointed daughter of Rammohan opts for uicide. Rammohan blames it on Raghavaiah and starts treating him indifferently. Sri Hari, the fiery son of RamMohan, is another victim in the incident. He develop prejudice against Raghavaiah and aims for his blood.

After a few days of timely strategic manipulation, Raghu succeeds in bringing the two troubled families together. Then they decides to marry Manga off to a guy from RamMohan's family to tighten their family bonds. Raghu sacrifices his love in order to make sure that everybody is happy. As the preparations are going on for the wedding of Manga, they finds that Manga is amiss. To know what climax has to offer, you must watch this sensitive and sensational film on the big screen.

Artists Performance
'Verve' and 'Vibrant' are the two apt words that best describes the charismatic performance of Venky. His role in this film has the blend of his character of 'Raja' and Nag's character in 'Ninne Pelladatha'. His comic antics take a new dimension in this film. Simmering siren Simran enthralled the audience with her spirited performance. She has all the spontaneity that is needed for the portrayal of her character. Vishwanath carried all the dignity that his role demands. This best director turns out to be the Director's actor in this film. Srihari is given role that carried equal charm and weight of the Hero. It's a treat to watch Srihari doing powerful roles like this one and there is a considerable applause by the viewers for his performance in the morning show of release day(where all the Venky fans have a whale of time).

Technical Deparment
The story is very thin. But the treatment is the one that made the difference. Deenaraj, the story writer of Premante idera and Preminchukundam Raa, provided story for this film along with Uday Shankar.Uday Shankar enters the league of Jayant with this film. Most of the scenes in this film resembles the working style of Jayant. The viewers never get bored in this film. The aesthetic sense of the director is evident in all the scenes. He induced freshness in each and every scene. Screenplay in this film is fascinating. Its amazing to see the wide variety that Paruchuri Brothers cater to. They can write excellent heavy-duty dialogues for films like postman and sensible dialogue for films like 'kalisundam raa'. The dialogues in this film are in lighter vein when it comes to the Venky's pranks and are in matured tone when it comes to serious scenes. The melody maker SA Raj Kumar proved, time and again, that it's the melody that gives the right kick to the viewers if it is mixed with sensitive story.

In the songs sections, you can add one more 'V' to Verve Vibrant Venky . 'Vigor' that is. Be it dancing away to glory with the dames of mumbai in the backdrop of Gateway of India or shaking leg with Simmi in abroad locales. Or racing with the Legend NTR to match his dance pace. Two songs are shot in abroad, one of which has blondes prance around the dreaming couple. Intro song is shot in Mumbai backdrop. Two ceremony songs are there. But the icing on the cake is the amazing 'Nachinde Palapitta' in which Late NTR gives a minute of special appearance. Suresh Babu is the perfect strategist. He knows how to hit the Bull's eye.

This film belongs the genre of 'Ninne Pelladatha'. The impact it gives to the viewer is more than that of 'Ninne Pelladatha', in fact. Raj's characterization in DDLJ suits the 'Raghu' characterization in this film. An optimist and unconditional good-doer he is, 'Raghu' wins the hearts of all family members and the viewers. Its very difficult to narrate the story in this film as its a treatment based one. History says that Venky films catch up slowly and then set the box-office on fire. But this film may prove the history wrong. This film will set the cash registers ringing right from the show one. There is not even a single sigh in the theater throughout the film. All the viewers are spell bound and enjoyed all the scenes with equal enthusiasm, be it comedy, sentiment, fights, dances .... etc. To know the range of the film, we gotta wait and see till the trade reports pour in the weeks to come.