Kalidasu Review

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Kalidasu Review
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Kalidasu (Sushant) loses his father (Nagababu) in the hands of some gangsters. He kills the gangster instantly after his father’s death and becomes a fighter by nature since childhood. He runs away to Guntur and takes shelter at a lady Kanakadurga (Jayasudha) who loses her husband and lives with her son Dev. Kalidasu likes Dev and protects him since childhood. As he grows old he becomes the protector of entire chor-bazaar colony. He lifts away cars and sells them in that bazaar.

Once when he lifts a car and brings to his place, he finds a girl Archana (Tamanna) in that. She escapes from a few hooligans those abduct her to get her married to riffraff Ajay (Ajay) against to her wish. Why she comes to Kalidasu’s place? How he protects her? That makes the rest of the story.

Sushant has to work a lot on expressions and histrionics. His diction is ok and has clear resemblance of his cousin Sumanth. Dances are ok and physique is also well groomed.

Tamanna looked a bit plump when compared to her recent look in ‘Happy Days’. Her glamour quotient gelled well with the masses and front benches.

Vinod Kumar couldn’t make appeal with his villainy. Ajay has been choosing the roles of this sort to obstruct his growth. As he is in the process of gaining self identity by playing full-villain roles he has to think twice before accepting any role.

Jayasudha has no big role to play and appeared to be in run of the mill. Kanal Kannan’s fights are with punch but he used more flying sequences which are overdosed and boring. Music by Chakri is also not so great.

There is nothing special to talk about other technical departments.

A common formula is being applied for every debuting young hero. That is projecting him as a fighter and protector. But that is not working well always and it doesn’t appear to be hard and fast rule for everyone.

On a whole there are many loopholes in the story line and screenplay. The narration part is very weak and audiences find them in unrest. There are many directorial errors in the flick. Characterizations are also found weak. Necessary emotional depth was not brought in many occasions. When Kalidasu learns that Dev was killed brutally the reaction wasn’t shown at all in his face to the surprise of all audiences. The dialogues are also dull and censor scissors appeared to have muted many words as they might have sounded obscene.

It’s a wrong choice of Sushant. He wouldn’t have nodded for this subject as his debut. He would have chosen a clean college entertainer in the lines of ‘Shiva’ or with a perfect subject to establish himself as mass hero. But the thing that has to be appreciated is that there are no overdose of dialogues those highlight his background. In fact there is a dialogue to Sushant in this: “Nenu Background ni nammukunui raledhu-backbone ni nammukoni vachcha”. So that should be understood as his motive. So he has to choose right subjects and right narrators from now onwards to make his backbone strong and durable.