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Jabili Review
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Hemant (Dileep) and Lavanya (Rekha) are childhood friends who are studying their degree now. The parents of Hemanth and Dileep are also very good friends since their childhood. But the father of Hemant is a rich business magnate and the father of Lavanya is a middle-class guy. Hemanth's father is very particular about money and he gives more priority to money compared to friendship.

The inevitable thing happens. Hemanth and Lavanya are in love. Hemanth father wants Hemant to marry a girl who belongs to a family, which is equally rich. Lavanya father knows the preferences of Hemanth's father. Hence, he asks his daughter to cut the relationship with Hemanth. The rest of the film revolves around how the love couple makes their parents realize that the love is above money.

Artist Performances:

Dileep: This non-Telugu fair skinned actor is a model material. He is not suitable for movies. His receding hairline and weak body language are the main drawbacks. As he does not know Telugu, it's very difficult for him to understand and act in most of the scenes where the dialogues should be told with appropriate native expressions.

Rekha: Though she looks cute, her range of expressions is very limited. After watching her in Anandam and Jabili, one will get a feeling as if she is becoming redundant.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: After watching the 'Nuvve Kavali', SV Krishna Reddy seems to have got inspired. This film is a poor imitation of 'Nuvve Kavali'. The characterization is very similar, but the impact is nil. SV Krishna Reddy should stick to what he is best at - comedy and family stories. By trading into the zone of youth love stories, he is making himself vulnerable. Not even a single shot in the film grabs your attention.

Story - Dialogues: Janardhan maharshi, the aasthana writer of EVV Satya Narayana, has provided story and dialogues for this film. Diwakar Babu is the only writer who can match up with the wavelength of SV Krishna Reddy. Janardhan Maharshi tried to imitate the dialogue-writing style of Trivikram Srinivas, but in vein.

Music: Music is very ordinary and is in the typical style of SV Krishna Reddy. 'Vayasu Talupu Triche', the second song in the film was well shot. A good song 'Ganga Yamuna' is pictured in an ineffective way.

Production: After having a learning experience with Janardhan Maharshi in 'Bava Nachadu', one would fail to understand why M Arjuna Raju has repeated him as writer again for 'Jabili'.

Analysis: The first half of the film has nothing to offer. Due to some problems, in Satyam Theater (shift theater), they have shown 6th reel before 5th reel in this film and nobody noticed it. That was the kind of impression Jabili has made on the viewers. The story starts in the interval and drags till the climax. The only console in the film is occasional parallel comedy track by Brahmanandam. This film has no soul. You can watch it on your video at leisure. If you want to watch it on the big screen, do it at your own risk.