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Jabardasth Review
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jabardasthByrraju (Siddharth) is a wayward youth who cheats people around and is highly unsuccessful in all his small-time business ventures. Shreya (Samantha) is a smart girl who wants to start her own company for event management (mostly weddings). Byrraju and Shreya meet in unusual circumstances and become partners. They start an event management company that deals with functions. Shreya falls in love with Byrraju, but his aim is to work hard and earn more money. Rest of the story is all about how they find out that they are made for each other.

Artists Performance

jabardasthSiddharth has tried another mass masala role in his career after Baava film. Samantha is pretty good. I liked the way her character is introduced in Pelli Choopulu scene and I wish the director continued same playfulness in Samantha’s characterization throughout. Nitya Menon has the uncanny habit of hogging the limelight whenever she shares screen with any other actor. She is a surprise package in the movie. Sayaji Shinde is portrayed as a goon from Bihar who is in search of Byrraju (a character that is similar to that of Asish Vidyardhi in Ala Modalaindi). Telangana Sakuntala has done another typical role. Srihari did the role of a mafia don based in Malaysia. A don who is overly sentimental about his family members. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam and Nalla Venu did the roles of feminine dance masters. It’s another swinging cake walk for Thagubothu Ramesh in a drunkard role. The guy who has acted as Siddharth friend in Love Failure has done another important role in this movie. He is good. Pragati, Kasi Viswanath and Swapnika Reddy did the roles of Samantha’s family members.

Technical department

jabardasthStory - screenplay - direction: The basic plot and premise of the film is inspired by Band Baaja Baarat. Director Nandini Reddy has narrated the entire film from Byrraju character point of view (except for the interval scene where Samantha imagines something about relationship). The character of Nitya Menen is a nice surprise. We expect Nandini Reddy to bring on the same fresh feel and tenderness we had in Ala Modalaindi into Jabardasth film. But she has designed Jabardasth film to be a comedy in a nonsensical way. She didn’t bother about sensibilities; logics etc and she aimed to provide comical situations. She has introduced characters very well by having a good Sunil’s voiceover for Siddharth character and pelli choopulu scene for Samantha character. But she has made it hero centric once Samantha meets Siddharth in the film. The vital boat scene which causes love feelings in heroine is not properly established/shot. There are occasion entertaining scenes that make you laugh. But most of the scenes and subplots lack freshness.

jabardasthOther departments: Music by Thaman is okay. Meghamala song is shot with different and hilarious themes. Arere is a good melody. Cinematography is good. Dialogues are neat. Art direction is good and the sets erected for Teesmaar Khan and Meghamala offer variety. First half of this film had pretty good in-film branding for a film events company Shreyas Media. Editing is fine and production values are good.


jabardasthNandini Reddy who has done a tender and romantic film like Ala Modalaindi changes the gears and tries her hands at a Priyadarshan kind of nonsensical comedy film with actors like Siddharth and Samantha. The posters of this film proclaim ‘from the director of Ala Modalaindi’ and one should keep neither Ala Modalaindi nor Band Baaja Baarat in mind while watching this movie. We have to wait and see how audiences embrace the movie.

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