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Palla Janardhan Rao
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Inkosari Trailers
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Story Outline
A thoughtful story, the story is about six friends Ajay (raja), Shruti (manjari), Bala (Kishore), Vicky (Harish), Sudhakar (Ubuntu), Deepthi (Richa) who are good friends in the college. However, college finishes and just about when everyone are on the brink of their own ways to go, Vicky suggests that all of them must meet the same day for next year. They vote for who but each of them to get involved in their lives despite Vicky’s attempts to achieve. It is only after seven years, when Ajay came from the U.S. and decided to reconnect with the rest of the gang. He gets in touch with Bala Sudhakar, Vicky and proposes a two week vacation to the same gang. Even Deepthi and Shruti participate. Each of them has gone through several changes in life and how the holiday changes form the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a good theme, but he could not see it in terms of presentation or narration. The calls were superb, the script was average and the screenplay was weak. Background score was good, but was avoided in many places, two songs are worth humming,cinematography is moody , editing is okay, the costumes were good and the art department was apt. Raja was not anything special and he has given not only his bit, as required, it must be said that he should work on his acting skills, manjari was clean and has a hiss with her looks, Richa was cute, but her role was dim, Sandeep was elegant and he suits the role well, Ravi Raju regular,and the real show Stealer is Vennela Kishore who has given a hilarious treat. Gollapudi Maruthi Rao is standard, Saira bhanu hot, Rao Ramesh was alright, Bhargavi was attractive, the other has not much to do.

The film has a good idea but it could have an impact if it is performed in the right way created. The drawbacks in the film are the technical standards that have a visual appeal and did not give the pace and the film was too slow, which is difficult to adjust. The first half is good and has many entertaining moments, but the second half gets a little twisted and emotionally, but land expired. This is not a movie for the masses, so it could be an average price at the box office.