Inkosari Review

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Palla Janardhan Rao
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Inkosari Review
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Six friends Ajay (Raja), Shruti (Manjari), Bala (Kishore), Vicky (Saandip), Sudhakar (Ravi), Deepti (Richa) and their 7th friend Pavan (Harish) complete their college and till then life has been full of fun and frolic. They meet up for one last time and decide to meet on the same day next year. However, that doesn’t happen as everyone gets busy. After seven years, Ajay is back from US and he decides to have a week long vacation with all his friends. He gets in touch with the rest of the gang and finally all of them agree. What happens from there and how each person’s life has taken turns forms the rest of the story.

Raja is just ok. He needs to show something different in his performance. The same old phenomenon may not work for him.

Manjari looks pretty as ever and though she was unable to do well in the anger or emotional scenes, her screen presence is sweet.

Richa is a laid back character for her and she has done her bit with energy and contributed.

Vennela Kishore is the life and soul for the movie, witty dialogues and energetic performance, he is the show-stealer.

Harish added his bit of humor and he showed confidence (his ‘aapa ra Hindi’ comedy video has been the most popular on youtube). He is the real comedy actor who deserves more opportunities.

Sandeep has delivered a decent performance and has got handsome looks. If he could work on adding few emotional expressions then it would work. He has got potential.

Gollapudi Maruti Rao was general, Saira Bhanu looks seductive, Sayali’s song could have been better. Rao Ramesh was brief.

Ravi Varma did very well and up to the mark. He made his screen presence felt.

Vennela Kishore, the real hook for the film
Gamyam’ fame Nagaraju’s Dialogues, carried enthusiasm

Mild pace
Technical values

The film runs on a good concept but then it is the presentation and narrative that have spoiled the spirit. There are two reasons why the film works – the exceptional performance of Vennela Kishore and some strong and witty dialogues from Gandham Nagaraju.

Otherwise, the background score was non-situational at few scenes, songs were just okay, cinematography was weak, costumes were neat and art department was alright. The film also suffered due to lack of pace and few directorial flaws were clearly evident.

Raja-Manjari romance didn’t gel well.

The first five minutes is quite shaky as though we are already past 20 minutes but later on, it settles and goes smoothly. If the makers had worked on the technical values and gave it a good visual appeal adding it with speed, the impact would have been much better. This is film for the urban audience and the youth audience, nothing in it for the masses.

Real credit goes to Vennela Kishore as he shouldered the movie in a very entertaining manner.

If the budget is not too high for the film, it could make decent returns at the box office. It goes well with class audiences but masses will be a doubt.