Gouravam Review

DUET Movies
A PrakasahRaj Production
Movie Genre
Action - Romance
Gouravam Review
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Arjun (Sirish) comes to his home village after many years with an intention to setup a plant. To his surprise, he discovers the village is still ridden with caste clashes.

In this process, he also discovers that his close friend Shankar (Madhu) who comes from a lower caste has gone missing after he eloped with the daughter of the village head Pasupathi (Prakash Raj).

Arjun along with his friend (Sricharan) starts enquiring about Shankar and he is helped by Yamini (Yami), a local girl. What are the challenges he faces and whether he is successful in his attempt or not forms the rest of the story.

Allu Sirish didn’t have anything special to offer. He needs to groom a lot to fit into the requirement of Telugu films. But he was sensible enough to choose a role which fits the character in the film. But it would take a long time for him to find acceptance.

Yami Gautam is a vision of beauty. Whenever she is onscreen, it is difficult to take eyes off her. On performance front, she is very natural in her expressions and has very good ease. She will grow big.

Prakash Raj was matured and elegant. As such, his screen time is not that much but whenever he was there he made his presence felt.

Sricharan brought few smiles, Elango Kumaravel was natural, Anupama Kumar was apt, Brahmaji was good, Nasser was very brief, L B Sriram was excellent, the others did their bit as required.