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Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Bellamkonda Padmavati
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Golimaar Trailers
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Gangaram (Gopichand) is an orphan, sheltered by Babai (MS Narayana), dreams of becoming a police officer and finally becomes one. Soon he is promoted by DIG Bharath Nandan (Naazar) and appointed as an encounter specialist. His job is to eliminate underworld don Khalid (Kelly Dorjee) who is based in Malaysia and a local gangster Talwar (Shawar Ali) operatingfrom Hyderabad. In between, he meets an event manager Pavitra (Priyamani) and her mother Arundhathi (Roja), who is a man-hater. After Gangaram completely eliminates Talwar and his gang, he wants to go to Kenya to liquidate Khalid. Suddenly, he finds himself falling to treachery and backstabbing from within the police department. He was about to be encountered and he escapes and becomes Gangubhai, the gangster.Why did Gangaram turn into Gangubhai? What are the circumstances that lead to the climax. Will a reluctant Gangaram accept Pavitra’s romantic overtures? Will Gangubhai succeed where Gangaram failed? Answers to these questions narrate the rest of the story.

Gopichand gets an author-backed dream role and he excels; perhaps his best performance to date. Priyamani is truly glamorous and makes her mark. Roja has not lost any of her thespian talents. MS Narayana does a good job. Naazar is remarkable. Kelly Dorjee is villainy personified.. Shawar Ali looks like a real goon. The child artiste who played the young Gangaram is really impressive. Ali is his usual self in his cameo. Jeeva gets a good supporting role. All others played their roles well.

The story is nothing new, but Puri Jagannath’s screenplay and direction is simply too good. There is no drop or lag in the narration. You get glued to your seat. The romantic angle has been differently but interestingly handled,. The dialogues are chirpy with latent satire.. The music by Chakri is a bit loud, though two duets sound pleasing.. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is astounding. The editing is very crisp. The sound design is good. The production values are high.

Golimaar is an action packed police drama that can be enjoyed by the masses and the usual cine buffs can watch it once, though the film lacks those vital elements that bring repeat audience. The film is bonanza for Gopichand fans.