Gola Seenu Review

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Gola Seenu Review
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Story: Seenu (Sreenivas) and his uncles owe Rs 50 lakh to a dreaded goon. They hatch a plan to kidnap Sandhya (Tashu), the daughter of a wealthy industrialist for ransom. Sandhya on the other hand is only too happy to be kidnapped.

Movie Review: It's during the climax of the movie that one gets to be informed by the lead character that it is a comedy movie that one is watching. Guffaw! That's when you have a hearty laugh for the first time.

If double-meaning dialogues, wry comments, snide remarks and silly behaviour are supposed to be understood as comedy, the joke is on the filmmaker.

Having warned you about what stuff the movie is made of, it also becomes inevitable to describe a character called Seenu (Sreenivas) and his two 'maamas' (uncles) who all the time find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

They need Rs 50 lakh to repay a local goon so that they are not bumped off. They hit upon an idea to kidnap the daughter of an industrialist for ransom. The 'first time kidnappers' are in for a major shock when the girl Sandhya ( Tanu Kaushik) is only too eager to cooperate with them so that they can extract not Rs 50 lakh but Rs one crore from her father.

The kidnap drama comes to a happy ending but for the audience, there is a twist in store. Warning, warning! The mystery that is sought to be created will in no way increase your interest in the goings-on on the screen because you are actually chuckling at the weak script. Funny, they think, fun is being funny!

The 'maamas' have nothing else to do but booze all the time, and the two women beside don Balaraju (Kota Srinivasa Rao) are busy competing between themselves for the 'Miss Silly' title as one would like to see it.

Hero Sreenivas who made his debut with the hit Ee Rojullo makes every effort to play his character that has been etched to look like he is either out of his mind or has refused to grow up. The cinematographer could well have taken care to avoid Tanu Kaushik's close ups at several places. They do no good to her, and the film.

Somewhere along, Kota Srinivasa Rao seems to have got completely disinterested in his role as one could make out. In the climax scene, the don is informed that there's a bomb planted in the house and his reaction hardly reflects the urgency of the situation. Some of the thugs of `Gabbar Singh' fame put in an appearance in the film and all they do is take-up screen space.

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