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A Suneel Reddy
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Godava Video Songs
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What happens when an ace director turns producer for his son’s debut film? Well, you would expect a rather scintillating fare. But without sounding too filmi, we can safely say that father’s love seems to have taken over the rational side of a once successful director. So what one ends up getting is a hotch-potch of a lot of films in an attempt to ensure a grand Tollywood entry for his son. The blame, however, cannot go to Vaibhav as a debut film is totally a director’s film. In this case, his own father A Kodandarami Reddy, who had directed some of the most successful of the ’80s with Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

However, he has since taken a break from the industry and the rustiness seems to show, despite his best attempts at showing off his son in the best possible manner.

Like all debut films from yore and probably in the years to come, Godava too is a love story. Talk of misleading titles! It is the story of two college students, Balu (Vaibhav) and Anjali (Shraddha Arya). Surprisingly, what is socially gross is sometimes misinterpreted as being cute in films. So, we have a heroine who is a habitual bottom pincher. If you think that is some variety from the skirt-chasing heroes. After all, the hero is a rather straight forward guy who does not believe in the concept of love.

Naturally, it becomes Anjali’s mission to make him fall for her. So, where’s the twist? In this film, we have her father, multi-millionaire businessman (Sayaji Shinde), playing spoilsport and arranging a match for her. Our dear heroine is heart-broken and convinces the hero to at least act that he is in love with her for three months. Well, it is predictable that within three months, and after many songs shot in foreign locales, Balu falls deeply in love with Anjali.

So far so good. What happens next and how the film ends is for you to watch.

In all, the film is a major letdown given that it is from Kodandarami Reddy. The fact that he is directing a film after so long has generated a lot of hype for the film and he too seemed quite confident giving the many telly interviews before the release. But somewhere along the line, he seems to have taken the ‘film-minus-the-proper script’ policy of the present Telugu industry a bit too seriously. How else can once explain the film’s poor storyline? It is really very disappointing coming from such a veteran and respected director of the industry.

As for Vaibhav, we must give him credit for doing his homework. Though he does not score much in the looks department, he tries to make up with his dances and action shots. At least he makes an honest effort to infuse energy into his character. Shraddha Arya bares enough skin to put most item girls to shame. Well, if you are cast opposite a debuting hero, then it’s expected probably. Sayaji Shinde needs a voice-over badly. Though his heavy Hindi accent is okay if he is playing a villain, it lacks the clarity for other characters, as is the case with this film.

Martand K Venkatesh is the editor likes scores of films these days. The cinematographer Dinesh too puts in his share to make the new pair look their best. But like we have already said, it’s the script that really fails them. The comedy track too is badly conceived. However, Mani Sarma’s music is only saving grace.

In all, one can only feel bad for the ace director as Kodandarami Reddy fails his son in his maiden film. Though not intentional, his earlier success leaves one judgemental about his current film and surely his 93rd film is not in the league of his earlier films.

Yet again, if you want to watch a new lead pair, just check out Godava!