Girl Friend Video Songs

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Girl Friend Video Songs
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Vamsi (Rohit), Babloo (Babloo) and Pavan (Santosh Pavan) are schoolmates and neighbors. Their parents are also thick friend. Like any teenagers, these guys are more interested in getting more in life in terms of eve teasing and fun-making. The parents are always irritated with the carefree attitude of these folks towards the future.

Vamsi spots Suvarna (Anitha Patil) on the road and falls in love with her. After initial refusal, Suvarna too falls in love with Vamsi. They realize that their parents would not agree to their love. Hence they decide to have sex so that parents would marry them off if they find out that the girl is pregnant. Parents of girl catch the pair when they are about to make the mistake. Then the parents marry off Suvarna and Vamsi to each other. But they separate each other after marriage and ask Vamsi to come back after proving himself and becoming self-reliant so that he can afford to start family with Suvarna.

The parents of Pavan and Babloo too ask them to earn money and do independent living. These three guys are petrified with the money-minded attitude of their parents and come out and try to prove themselves by earning money. Would they earn money and make their parents feel proud forms the climax of this film.

Artists Perfomance
Rohit has done an amazing work in this film. He is very natural in acting and has got very good dialogue delivery. His dances are very good comedy timing is perfect. This guy can become a heartthrob of youth, if he selects the projects carefully. But his performance in serious scenes needs some improvement. Anitha Patilis apt for the role and did well in histrionics and hip shaking departments.

Chalapati Rao, LB Sriram and Mallikharjuna Rao acted well as the fathers of protagonists. They gave good amount of comedy. MS Narayana did another cameo as the principal of the college. Ali did a spoof on D Rama Naidu as C Rama Naidu. There is one dialogue aimed at D Rama Naidu in this film, which says 'Manam teesina kathalu chepte vallu tidathaaru. Kaani vallu teesina cinemale malli teeste manam choodali'. Babloo and Santosh Pavan did very well by providing good comedy. Tanikella Bharani did well as a character artist.

Technical Departments
The film does not have any story in the first half and very little story in the second half. The story writer drive a message at the end that love should be used as a driving factor for reaching goals in student's life. Screenplay - Direction G Nageswara Reddy, director of 6-teens, has done a pretty good job as director. He made sure that entertainment in terms of situational comedy is intact throughout the film. He knows the pulse of audiences. Screenplay of the film is also very nteresting. Dialogues: Marudhuru Raja, who is extremely good at writing situational comedy dialogues, did a cool job again. His comedy dialogues are the main assets of the film.

Vandemataram Srinivas gave a thumping music that is laced with neat melody for the songs. This is probably best music given by Vandemataram after 'Swayamvaram'. Music of the film has become a good hit even before the release. Highlight songs of the film are 'Nuvvu Yaadikelte aada kosta Suvarna' and 'Prementha Panichesindi Narayana'. Good choreography helped the picturization of the songs.

First half of the film is hilarious. The second half turns into serious mode with parents kicking the sons out of the houses. A good thing about this film is that it's just a 2-hr film. This film is a paisa-vasool film if you don't mind occasional cheap jokes. 'Girl Friend' has got all the chances of befriending the box office and becoming a hit like '6-Teens'. It's a minimum guarantee film!