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Gentleman Video Songs
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Gentleman (Tamil: ஜென்டில்மேன்) is a 1993 Tamil film directed by S. Shankar, produced K. T. Kunjumon and with the highest budget for an Indian film in that year, became a blockbuster upon release. It stars Arjun and Madhoo in the lead roles. Shankar from then on has grown leaps and bounds to become one of the highest paid directors in India and making the highest budget films in the country.

The film's music (score and soundtrack) is composed by A. R. Rahman, and it was very well received upon release. The choreography in the film was also viewed as a highlight.

The film was later remade into a Hindi version with the same title in 1994. This version starred Chiranjeevi and Juhi Chawla in the lead roles and was directed by Mahesh Bhatt.

A story of a modern day Robin Hood who takes from the corrupted rich to provide education for the poor. Krishnamoorthy alias Kicha (Arjun) is a respected person in his local community and runs a small business. But Kicha, at the same time, is also a undercover robber.

He is accompanied by his friend Mani (Goundamani). He has stolen millions of rupees from many victims. The home minister and the police are adamant to catch this mysterious robber yet are unsuccessful. Susheela (Madhoo), a simple Brahmin girl working under Kicha falls for him. Azhagar Nambi (Charan Raj) is an efficient Police officer who takes charge to nab Kicha, at one instance Azhagar Nambi challenges to really catch him and makes a plan.

But Kicha still escapes and this results in the tonsuring of Azhagar Nambi's head. Later Azhagar Nambi gets married to the cousin of Susheela, which leads him closer in identifying Kicha. But Kicha somehow finds a way and escapes. Kicha makes one final robbery as planned and once he makes it Azhagar Nambi arrests him. It was reported that Kicha spent all the theft money to build a college for the poors.

At the courtroom, he reveals the reasons of his Robinhood Avatar with a very strong flashback about a tragedy in his family resulting in the death of his mother (Manorama) and his best friend Ramesh (Vineeth).