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Gemini Video Songs
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Gemini (Venkatesh) is a rowdy in Vijayawada who maintains a gang. Another gang is headed Ladda (Kalabhavan Mani). Gemini happens to see a beautiful Marwadi girl called Manisha Natwarlal and falls in love with her. He attends Night College so that he could get an opportunity to talk to her. Both of them fall in love. Viswanath (Murali) - a new commissioner of police - takes the charge of Commissioner of Police for Vijayawada. He brings Gemini and Ladda to the book and put them in a cell. They convince police commissioner that they are changed men need a chance to live like a citizen. Will they change their profession of mafia? Would Manisha accept Gemini as her beau even after coming to know about his real colors? Watch this on a big screen to know yourself!

Artists Perfomances
Venky looked ravishing with his Gemini getup. But there is no substance in his characterization other than some artificial stylishness. He did extremely well in few scenes where he underplayed his emotions. Bhairavi looked pretty cute in her role of a Marwadi girl. She suited the character very well. She got a solo song and a considerable footage in the first half. But her presence in the second half is very less. Kala Bhavan Mani did extremely well in aping the animals in many scenes. And he is the only entertainer in this film when it comes to the comedy. But he does not look like a Telugu guy; hence the nativity aspect is missing. The national award-winning actor Murali did very well as the Police Commissioner. Brahmanandam and Venu madhav fail to evoke any response with their forced comedy. Mumtaz is reserved for a song and few unnecessary scenes. Kota is wasted in a mean and lean role.

Technical Departments
Story of this film is routine and one would fail to understand what has prompted the producers to remake a film with such a storyline. Saran's shot making ability is good. But screenplay is bad and he failed to narrate the story in an interesting style. He lost grip on proceedings in the second half and made a mess out of it. He is creative in certain scenes where he presented heroine in a lovable fashion.

Posani Krishna Murali tried penning some mass dialogues, but in vain. There is one dialogue in this film that sounds atrocious - Gemini to Ladda: 'nee praanalu teeyadaaniki paan chaalu. Nenu paan tini vummu veste .. andulo padi kottukupothav'.

Music by RP Patnaik is good. He mixed the tune of 'Poolalo Tene Prema' beautifully in background as the interlude for the meetings between hero and heroine. Two songs - Gemini Gemini and Nadaka chooste vayyaram - got good response from the crowds. Background score is also good. Photography of the film is excellent. The way the movie is shown on pseudo-35mm format till Venky enters scene is also pretty creative.

The film starts off on an interesting style and goes into boring mode as the interval approaches. The second half of the film is pathetic. Though the movie has the backdrop of Vijayawada, the Telugu nativity is missing (names of hero and villain as well). The film looks pretty artificial and lacks soul. Over all it's a bad film. We hope Venkatesh would stop depending on Tamil directors and start encouraging Telugu people.


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