Ganga Puthrulu Trailers

KBR Productions
Shravya Films Presents
Movie Genre
Romance, Drama

Ganga Puthrulu Trailers
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There are three friends named Parugu, Bosu and Sattibabu. While the first two are hard workers and eke out their living by fishing, Sattibabu is a carefree guy. Nukalu of the same village falls in love with Bosu, but he fears to accept her love as he himself is unable to stand on his own . After the Sompeta firing incident, and with the industrialists planning to start new industries, the quality of fish dwindles and so is the fishermen community too. At this juncture, Ajay (Subbaraju) decides to start a marine company in the village. He runs a company called Real Rise. Meanwhile, Swapna (Gayatri), a reporter from a private channel visits the village to highlight the plight of the fishermen. She finds that the fishermen are in penury and the launch of Real Rise company would have a harsh impact on the lives of the hapless fishermen. What happened to the love between Nukalu and Bosu? Will Swapna succeeds in her attempt to highlight fishermen problems? Answers to all these questions form part of the other half of the movie.