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Gajaraju Trailers
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Bopanna (Vikram Prabhu) is an honest, ruggedly looking, emotional mahout of Manikyam (the elephant). Somewhere in Chittoor district, an adivasi community has been facing existential threat from a beastly, blood-curdling wild tusker named Kapali. When a close associate of Bopanna fails to deliver Kumki, a feral tusker which is meant to eliminate wild tuskers, to the adivasi group on time, our hero takes it upon himself to reach the adivasi dwelling along with Manikyam and his two sidekicks, impersonating himself as the mahout of a kumki elephant.

Bopanna thinks that he will fool the village people for the next two days till the real kumki is brought in by the actual owner. Sadly for us and the village, he falls in love with Singhi (Lakshmi Menon) on day one. Once in love, he is blinded to the fact that he is gambling with the lives of hundreds of villagers by deliberately extending his stay in the village just to be able to get close to Sanghi.

The village head has complete faith in Bopanna that he will save the village in the event of Kapali going on a killing rampage at any time. At one point, Bopanna realizes that he has been committing a grave mistake by putting the lives of the villagers in danger and decides to ask the owner of the real Kumki to arrive at the scene with his brave tusker.

However, Thambi Ramaiah (as Bopanna's maternal uncle) brainwashes him to stay put because if he leaves the village, he will miss Sanghi forever. What's more, the way to marrying Sanghi is fraught with so many obstacles - the biggest of them being the endogamous rules of marriage followed by the self- isolated adivasi community.