Evadaithe Nakenti Trailers

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Evadaithe Nakenti Trailers
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Dr Rajasekhar is now back with Evadaithe Nakenti, which is a remake of the Malayalam hit 'Lion' starring Dileep.

Rajasekhar had earlier remade the Malayalam movies Balettan, Runaway.

This movie is a political potboiler with high-voltage action.

Directed by Samudra, the film is produced by Soma Chandrasekhar Reddy under the banner Kaushik Movies.

Rajasekhar recently said that the movie would a be big hit on the lines of Ankusham, Sivaiah and Simharasi.

Incidentally, Simharasi was also directed by Samudra. So the director and actor share a good rapport. And both of them feel that this movie has shaped up better than Simharasi.

Rajasekhar has an author-backed role and he has revelled in the character. The film is very entertaining and very mass-oriented. "It would not be trashy though," the actor says.

The heroine Samvrita says, "I am very happy that I am getting introduced in Telugu through this film. I accepted the role as the character is quite good."

Raghuvaran, Devaraj, Kalabhavan Mani, Vijayachander, MS Narayana, LB Sriram, Venumadhav, Krishna Bhagawan, Ganesh, Rajesh, Sangeeta, Sivaparvathi and Jhansi are also in the cast.

Story is by Vijay CB Thomas, dialogues are by Paruchuri Brothers, camera by Madhu A Naidu, editing is by Nandamuri Hari, action is by Kanal Kannan and music is by Chinna.

The film will release in December.