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Tharaka Prbhu Fimls
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Comedy Romance
Errabus Reviews
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Story is all about a Grand father(Dasari Narayanarao) who turns around his grand son(Manchu Vishnu) comes from naive village to the posh locality where in his grand son lives, Vishnu gets problem between his grand father and girl friend (Catherine) while she asks him to choose between both of them. Dasari Narayanarao is alone the saving grace for this film. Vishnu is ok with his character while provided some much needed maturity in this movie. After Rowdy and Anukshanam this movie gets some noteworthy performance from Vishnu Manchu. Catherine is just ok with her role. On a whole Dasari leads the movie with his different series of performances. Dasari is the alone saving grace and Vishnu's performance and his scenes with his grand father Dasari will save the movie.

The really old story and kind of sentiment scenes that go half hearted way. Title doesn't justify the whole movie but just the way Dasari went it on. Film is totally based on grand father and grand son sentiment but dealt in a slow, predictable way. Over melodrama irritates us to the core. Run time is just dragged a lot and zero comedy irritates us
at par. Dasari would have concentrated more on the prescribed screen play movie has different shades and would have kept audience to the seats but the drowned screenplay is a big loss to the movie.

Finally, Errabus is a boring and old story with better performance from Dasasri as an artist but poor performance as director, writer. Vishnu who has done just like a extended cameo, should have more reasonable things in the movie. The movie strucked in between hilarious entertainment and neither heart warming explanation for melodrama. Nothing and absolutely nothing to watch for.

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Errabus Movie Press Meet
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