Em Pillo Em Pillado Video Songs

Eetharam Films
Pokuri Rama Rao
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Em Pillo Em Pillado Video Songs
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A stale tale, the story is about the rivalry between two villages so much so that they are thirsty for each other’s blood. However, one village head’s son (Tanish) ends up falling in love with the girl (pranitha) of the other village. It is only after few mushy romantic songs they discover their true identity. However, they decide to keep their love strong and work on ways and means to unite the two villages. Whether that happens or not forms the rest of the story.

Tanish was usual and there is nothing extra or different that he did. For now, it will require some more time for him to get that maturity on his face so that his performance can be rated. Pranitha was seductive and did her exposure and skin show as much as the director wanted. At one point, she seems to have got tired and stopped it. However, her eyes do the entire talking. One really wonders why her dubbing artist had to scream so much. Ahuti Prasad and Charanraj must have done these roles umpteen number of times. So there was nothing special from them. Sivaprasad was not upto the mark. MS tried his best to get some laughs but in vain, Ramaprabha was regular, Vijayachander came and went, Pavitra was blank.

The film opens up with some comedy scenes but in no time, one realizes that the feud between two villages theme has been told since the pre historic age. While the comedy track is about to set, the makers take it to the ‘Ready’ formula and as much as they wanted to cover it up, the attempt was looking obvious. The dialogues were stale, the script was weak and the screenplay was pathetic. Background score was better left behind and songs were below average. Cinematography was relevant. Editing was missing at the right time. Given the banner associated, one would expect a content and a proper storyline that the audience can connect to but it appears that this film was made just like the run of the mill story and as expected, the result will be quite disappointing at the box office.