Ee Abbai Chaala Manchodu Video Songs

Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
B V S N Prasad
Movie Genre
Family Drama

Ee Abbai Chaala Manchodu Video Songs
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There is a father (Ajay Ratnam) who believes that love means sharing worldly pleasures with a female (Preethi Nigam). There is a son (Ravi Teja) who thinks that love is sacred and pristine. There is a mother (Sana) who thinks that husband (Benarjee) should be dominated in the family in order to have more grip on the proceedings of running a family. There is a daughter (Vani) who thinks otherwise.

What would be the reaction of parents when these two youngsters fall in love? The parents resist. Boy's father says that his son can go with his girl friend and enjoy. Girl's mother says that she can't afford an unruly daughter staying in her house. Boy takes the girl away and stays in a poor house as a common man by working as an office boy and a car driver. He decides not to have physical relationship with the girl to prove his father that love can exist without sex.

At this juncture, the employer (Sangeeta) becomes the seductress of her car driver. The rest of the story is about how things go wrong and what does the hero do to prove himself that he is a good boy.

Artists Perfomance
The character of Ravi Teja in the first half is an extension of his 'Idiot' character. He sounds carefree but has a convincing philosophy behind everything he does in the film. The comedy in the first half is a 'one man show' by Ravi Teja. In the second half, he did a role of a sincere husband. He did extremely well in this film.

Vani a first timer, she did a good job. But her characterization by the director has dual shades in the first half. She is shown as an aggressive girl in the beginning with modern dresses, but once she comes across Ravi Teja she is shown as a meek girl. Sangeeta has a small role in this film. She has one song too. Her character has too much of confusion imbued into it. The way she changes herself from a man-hater to an admirer of Ravi Teja is not smooth.

This movie revolves around 8 important characters. Ajay Ratnam - as the father of hero - did well. Benarjee and Sana have got quite contrasting roles in this film. Benarjee acted as the husband who is harassed and exploited by a nagging wife (some thing very similar to Satyanarayana's characters in few films). Sana acted as the nagging wife of Benarjee. For the first time, popular TV artist Preeti Nigam got a full length and influential role as the stepmother of Ravi Teja and she was impressive. There is also one sister character and a female maidservant character that are etched properly. Those actresses were also impressive.

Technical Departments
Agastyan - of Prema Lekha fame - tried his hand at a direct Telugu film this time. The story of the film is good. Screenplay is interesting. But as a director, he did not mould the subject to have uniform shades throughout the film. Ravi Teja behaves very hyperactive in the first half and becomes a 'too-good-to-believe' person in the second half. Direction of the film has creative shades in few scenes. The dialogues of this film are mostly comedy-oriented in the first half and are philosophical in the second half. Sometimes they tend to go over board by making Ravi Teja's character utter a philosophical reasoning behind every action he does. By doing so, the director has lost grip on the commercial touch in the second half. The director could have used any Telugu artist for the role of Ravi Teja's father in stead of Ajay Rathnam to make it more native.

Music by MM Keeravani is impressive. 'Chandama' song is the best of the lot. 'Viddooram' song has got some lively choreography and impressive picturization. The background score is also good.

First half of the film is good. Second half has serious shades to it. The director, overall, did a good job, but ignored commercial elements in the second half. There is no comedy and too many philosophical dialogues in the second half. The director used the thread of lady boss wooing her worker from 'Premalekha' film for this film too. Keeping the commercial success aside, this film is a neat film made with some aesthetic touch. Over all, its an average flick from the commercial point of view. But, you may watch this film once for the entertaining first half.