Dhanalakshmi I Love You Video Songs

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Dhanalakshmi I Love You Video Songs
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Babu Rao (Naresh), Raju (Allari Naresh) and Shyam (Aditya Om) are penniless people who have their own pathetic flashback and all these guys are in desperate situation to earn money by hook or crook. Shyam and Dhana Lakshmi (Ankita) have a tiff regarding a job in a MNC bank. These desperados get a unique opportunity of making money. Will they make it successfully or not forms the climax!

Artists Performance
Sr. Naresh played the role of Babu Rao. The get-up is heavily inspired by that of Paresh Rawal in Hera Pheri. But sadly, there is no spontaneity or timing in his action. It's pretty artificial. The director has cast Kota initially for this role. Kota would have done wonderful job. Allari Naresh impresses us in parts. But he is bad in dances and pathos scenes. He is very spontaneous in comedy and casual scenes. Aditya surprises us with his good histrionics. His getup suited him to the tee. His body language and gestures are pretty good. Ankita looks really cute and homely with those spectacles. The story of Siddiklal is an ageold one that defies logic and reasoning. This story is just meant for fun.

The director Siva Nageswara Rao failed in screenplay. Siva Nageswara Rao seems to have lost his comedy timing the moment he left Varma's Company. The timing in comedy and punch in dialogue delivery is missing though there are many situations where one can exploit that angle. Direction by Sivanageswara Rao is also not up to the mark.

Dialogues by Ravi Kolikapudi are good. But the one-liners did not get elevated due to poor timing. One dialogue I particularly liked is - "Rahasyam anedi daachivunchite manaki baanisa laaga padi vuntundi. Vere vallaki chepte adi mana yajamaani aipotundi". The song that comes as the backdrop to the titles is pretty good. Remaining tunes are pretty average.

The movie looks very artificial except a few scenes where the love of Naresh towards his mother is projected. The director seems to have remade the body of 'Hera Pheri' and missed the soul and spirit of it. Over all, comedy movie lovers may watch it once and others can comfortably avoid this film. Don't get tempted by looking at the cover of the audiocassette.