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Devi Putrudu Video Songs
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This film starts with a voice explaining the submersion of Dwaraka village in the sea with visual appeal. And then the story jumps to 5000 years ahead and starts with a Krishna (Venky) doing pranks in Mumbai and earn living with petty thefts.

Satyavati (Anjala) is a foreign returned girl and she comes to know that her elder sister Karuna (Soundarya) got married to an archeologist when she visited to see the site of Dwaraka. Satyavani decides to visit Dwaraka to meet her sister. As Satyavati comes out of the airport of Bombay to go to Dwaraka, Krishna meets her as the driver of the taxi Satyavati hired thinking that she has valuable diamonds with her. On the way, he realizes that she is not the one who was supposed to have carried diamonds and decides to dump her and come back to Bombay. But the destiny has other plans (want to know how is it … better watch the film) and Krishna arrives in Dwaraka. There he meets up with a cute little friend called papa. And she has mystical powers. She explains Krishna about the flash back.

There is used to be an archeologist called Balaram (Venky), who was an atheist. He believes more in the power of science than that of God. There she meets up with a damsel called Karuna (Soundarya) and they fall in love, get married and Karuna gets pregnant (courtesy: one single song). There used to be a kind of catostrophy in the sea adjoining the Dwaraka every Amavasya, which generates huge amount of torque. Balaram believes that there is a mystery behind that's strange thing in the sea. During one Amavasya, he jumps into the sea and comes back with a huge archaic metal box that has all kinds of marks and an embossed trishulam.

There is a bunch of foreigners who are after that mystical box. When Venky opens it, he turns into believer in God with the kind of effect it shows and he is told by the Devi inside that the box need to be put back in the same place as it was meant for saving the world from the natural calamity. That box consists of a Devi, who prevents the natural calamity everyday except for the day of Amavasya, when she becomes wild and generates that amount of torque. But the foreigners believe that that box consists of nuclear powers and they can sell it off at an unbelievable price.

At the same time, the baby in the stomach of Karuna has mystical powers and she can communicate too. When Balaram tries to take the box back and leave it in the sea, he gets the call from the villains that they kid napped his pregnant wife. He hides the box at some place and goes back. In that episode Balaram dies and he tells the secret to his wife. The papa inside Karuna overhears it.

And the rest of the story is about how she makes sure that the box is gone back to it's original place with the help of Krishna. I am not revealing the entire story as this film has lot of powerful mystic attached to it. And mystic of the film should remain as the mystery till you watch it. Please do not kill your excitement by reading the complete story anywhere. If you want to experience the mystical thrill, you got to watch the best special effects movie ever made in India only on the bigger screen with the DTS effect.