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Devaraaya Trailers
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When Peddayya(Jai Prakash Reddy) tries to demolish an ancient temple in ruins at the outskirts of Amalapuram, Dora Babu(Srikanth) a womaniser who undergoes a change confronts him much to his shock. When Dorababu’s engagement was due with Swapna(Vidisha), an aghora disrupts warning that his days are numbered.

What is the connection between Dora Babu and the temple that has its connection to Vijayanagara emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya should be unlocked on silver screen.


Srikanth impresses all as Srikrishna Devaraya. His royal looks and dialogues looks good. However sometimes one gets the impression that he is trying to imitate Balakrishna in Aditya 369. If his dialogues as Devaraya resembled real life dialogues, it is the fault of the dialogue writer. Vidisha looked voluptous in mass songs opposite Srikanth. Meenakshi Dixit killed all with her looks as Sunanda in traditional attire as dancer.
Others played their part in inconsequential roles.


Nani Krishna’s direction smacks of logic. Many loopholes are there in the story and he failed miserably in screenplay. Entire first half was wasted with listless characterisation of Dorababu. One wonder howcome educated girl like Swapna fell in love with a womaniser like him.

He tried to cook entire cinema lifting scenes from films like Allari Mogudu, Yuganiki Okkadu, Arundhathi, Magadheera, Chandramukhi in illogical manner. Whenever film is expected to pick up pace, he introduced songs as speedbreakers.


Production values are bad. Chakri failed as music director with not a single song audible. Background score is below average. Editing and Cinematography is average. Dialogues are horrible.

Final talk
Nothing delightful about it