Denikaina Ready Video Songs

24 Frames Factory
Lakshmi Prasanna Manchu
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Denikaina Ready Video Songs
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Narasimha Naidu (Prabhu) and Saraswati (Seeta) are siblings. Saraswati marries a Muslim Basha (Suman) without informing her brother. Narasimha Naidu amputates Basha in rage. Since then Narasimha Naidu’s family and Basha families become enemies. Suleman (Vishnu Manchu) is the son of Basha and Saraswati. Narasimha Naidu seeks for a good priest to do a chandi yagam. In a case of mistaken identity Suleman gets an opportunity to head the priests with a borrowed name Krishna Sastri. The rest of the story is all about how Suleman brings two families together.

Artists Performance
Vishnu Manchu looks very stylish in suits during songs. He has donned two roles of Suleman and Krishna Sastri. He does justice in portraying two roles in an interesting way. His diction as a Brahmin priest is good. He gave his best movements in the songs of Denikaina Ready especially in the stylishly shot title song.

Hansika Motwani is pretty good. She has put on some weight, but her warm smile and uninhibited exposing adds to her role. Brahmanandam plays the role of Bangarraju who has a caste feeling. It’s because of Bangarraju, the whole drama takes place. He is pretty entertaining. Among the pack of Hindu priests, Bharat has another entertaining character. Vennela Kishore has done the role of a sidekick David who also dons another priest role. Surekha Vani does the role of AVS’s wife who always see her husband on other men. Seeta and Pragati are good as mothers. Prabhu and Suman are alright. Kota does the role of a villain.

Technical department
The basic plot of a film is given by BVS Ravi and it revolves around a Muslim guy portraying the role of a Hindu priest to achieve his goal of uniting two warring families. The story is given maximum importance to entertainment and ample scope for sentiment. G Nageswara Reddy whose main forte has been comedy has succeeded in getting good laughs in vital scenes. Screenplay of the film gets interesting in the middle of the film as 80% of the film has hero doing two roles and a few people trying to expose/protect him.

Songs scored by Chakri and Yuvan Shankar Raja are nice. My personal favorites are title song and keka keka song. Background music by Chinna is fine. Cinematography is alright. Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja are appropriate. He has worked in a big film after a long gap. Editing is fine. Choreography in the film deserves a mention (especially Prem Rakshit). There are a couple of fights and are well choreographed. It is nice to see that producer has shown the photos of all technicians are shown during their respective title card.

Denikaina Ready is a comedy film with an underlying sentiment. Interval twist is interesting. The director has succeeded in creating a typical Priyadarshan type of satire of mistaken identities. The plus points of the film film are Vishnu - Brahmanandam and comedy. On the flip side, the story depends on the cliched aspect of Rayalaseema kind of faction wars. On a whole, Denikaina Ready has enough ingredients to work at box office.