Damarukam Trailers

R R Movie Makers
K Atchi Reddy
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Action - Romance

Damarukam Trailers
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dhamarukamMallikharjun (Nagarjuna) is a Shiva's devotee-turned-hater because he has lost his entire family when they went on a pilgrimage to Kaasi. Maheswari (Anushka) is born on an auspicious occasion and she is a powerful woman who can make or break the world with the choices she is going to make. Andhakasurudu (Ravi Shankar) is the last Rakshasa surviving. He can raise a new generation of rakshasas if he marries Maheswari on a special day. There are aghoras who doesn’t want this inauspicious thing to happen. Rest of the story is all about how Mallikharjun helps Maheswari and kills Andhakusura.

Artists Performance

dhamarukamNagarjuna is youthful and energetic in the role of a mass guy. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery reminds us of the vintage Nagarjuna from Hello Brother film. He is maintaining an excellent physique and fitness. His charming in romance scenes. Anushka is good in a pivotal role. Ravi Shankar (who dubbed the Sonu Sood’s Bommali character in Arundhati) suits the role to a T and delivers a power-packed performance with horrifying looks and commanding voice. Jeeva gets a nice role as an assistant and guide to the villain. He also excels. Prakash Raj is cool in both in God and human form. Ganesh Venkatraman is good as a man possessed. Charmme sizzles as Sakkubai in an item song. Brahmanandam provides comic relief.

Technical department

dhamarukamStory - screenplay - direction: Story penned by Veligonda Srinivas has good commercial elements and nice format. Srinivasa Reddy who is known for the small budgeted comedy films has been given the opportunity to handle this film on a big canvas. He has partly succeeded in using this opportunity. The mass elements, sentiment and comedy aspect is taken care of well. However, the screenplay in second half should have been more tight. The director who has done well in setting up the plot and establishing conflict points couldn’t justify the twists/extensions between the three principle characters in the second half.

dhamarukamOther departments: Background music by Devi Sri Prasad is apt. But the wrong placement and not-so-interesting picturization of romantic songs didn’t go well. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is good. The visual effects are integrated well. Dialogues are nice. Fights composed by Vijay are interesting. Art direction by Ashok is in good taste. Producer Venkat has made sure that film gets all the support it needs.


dhamarukamFirst half of the film is good. The second half should have been better. Emotions in the film should have been more stronger. Plus points of the film are Nagarjuna and the grandeur. The producer Venkat should be appreciated for producing this film against huge odds and sticking to his conviction. We have to wait and see how masses and family audiences embrace the film.