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Charulatha Trailers
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Charulatha is a romantic thriller based movie. In which Priyamani first time playing a Dual Role as conjoined twins in this movie. Skandha who is the Actor of Malayalam will play the male lead role.Two conjoined twins named Charu & Latha -both played by Priyamani. One fine day, Charu and Latha goes to music classes to learn violin but was rejected by the master as he feels that they can’t play tough tunes as it may injure them. Both Charu and Latha prove their mettle and impress the master and starts learning violin.After some time Charu slowly gets attracted to her classmate Ravi and falls in love. This didn’t go well with Latha who also loves Ravi and as a result, troubles slowly start developing between them. Suddenly, Latha dies under mysterious circumstances and becomes a ghost thus threatening Charu. What happens next? Watch charulatha movie in Theatres to clarify.