Chapter 6 Trailers

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Chapter 6 Trailers
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There are two love stories which run parallel and they are interlinked in the second half. One is Bharath (Bala) - a stage performing actor falls in love with Shilpa (Sonia Suri) daughter of police commissioner. They cross limits in love and as result Shilpa becomes pregnant. Another one is Satyamoorthy (Harnath) who is an architect and he falls in love with his tenant Satya Bhama (Kalyani) who works in a chit fund company. They get married and one day Satya bhama gets missing and Satyamoorthy is in search of her. How did the stories end up forms the remaining part?

Kalyani is okay in her soft looking role, she looked homely. Harnath did not match up to his partner kalyani. Bala and Sonia Suri make okay pair. Rajan.P.Dev (Probably it might be his last Screen appearance) , Dharmavarapu and M.S Narayana, Suman Shetty have done their bit well. Theremaining supporting cast is okay. The cinematography and Art Direction are thematic and good. Music is not up to the mark. The screenplay and narration was good. Direction was good in parts.

The much delayed (release) project made by the couple (Kalyani & Sooriya Kiran) was released today. Actress Kalyani turned into producer with this love story with the concept “Konchem Kotthaga and konchem Bhinnamga”, the tag line is restricted only to the Screenplay/ presentation. Sooriya Kiran’s previous attempts were also different ones but only the one which was convincingly told (‘SATYAM’) tuned into a hit.Kalyani looked good and the story between her and Harnath was handled well. Harnath Policherla’s body language doesn’t permit him neither to act nor to dance. He faces the camera with absolutely no (blank) expressions. Another actor who can emote well could have been helpful. Bala over acts a bit and is more camera friendly. Sonia Suri is o.k. with good oomph content. The onscreen chemistry between the pair was good. The first song (beach) picturised on them was hot. Even though there are some comedy punches, the comedy tracks were not effective. The comedy actors were wasted with poor tracks. Chapter-6, the film starts with the Voice -Over of Jagapathi Babu, The story was divided into 6 Chapters and named as Six Colours of Love. Blue, White, Black, Warm Yellow, Orange and Red are the 6 colours and the Scenes were narrated accordingly to the Colour theme.