Chanakyudu Review

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Chanakyudu Review
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Story: Swapna (Ishita) is an orphan who dreams of getting married into a big joint family. She zeroes in on Chanakya (Tanish) who isn't the least bit smitten by her, but she continues wooing him nevertheless. Then suddenly Chanakya's entire family gets murdered. It turns out Swapna's past has something to with it.

Movie review: It is just another of those hordes of bad films that come and disappear into the oblivion without much ado. This one's so mundane that it's hard to come up with something charitable to say about it so well just get to the point straight.

Swapna (Ishita Dutta) is a pretty young lady with a tragic past. Her parents were murdered by her relatives to usurp their property, while she was still a kid. She grows up living a lonely existence far away from her native place. She just has one dream though - to find a man who comes from a joint family. She sets her sights on Chankaya, a street smart youngster with a heart of gold. But then he's far from impressed with Swapna and tries to avoid her. However, Swapna continues to serenade him nevertheless.

Even as a romance starts to bloom, Chanakya's family gets brutally murdered by some goons. It turns out his elder brother (Jackie), happens to be an eye witness to the brutal murder of an entire family, and he even clicks some photographs of the murder, which is why he gets murdered. A shattered Chanakya swears revenge and sets out to get the killers. But there's another twist in the tale.

Tanish tries hard to breathe some life into the performance with his acting but is just saddled with a hopeless plot. Lets just say the film was put together with no skill whatsoever, so to dwell more about what all went wrong with it would be redundant. Watch it to discover for yourself.