Bumper Offer Video Songs

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Puri Jagannadh
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Bumper Offer Video Songs
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Sai (Sairam Shankar) runs a mechanic shed. This mechanic runs into a hotheaded rich girl Aishwarya (Bindu Madhavi) and she mistakenly makes beat him up by rowdy gang. Soon this rather unusual acquaintance turns into romance. But Aishwaryas father Surya Prakash (Shayaji Shinde), a rich businessman, puts one condition if he were to accept their love. The condition is that Sai should earn 10 percent of his wealth. Instead of taking up this challenge, our hero says that he would rather bring Surya Prakash to his level of poverty. How hero makes Surya Prakash pauper is the rest of the film.

Despite his makeover in looks, Sairam Shankars performance isnt improved much. He is usual shelf. But god, what is wrong with his makeup. So terrible to look at it. Accha Telugu ammayi Bindu Madhavi goes glam way in the movie and offers much skin show to ogle at. But she needs to trim down urgently if she wants sustain as the glam girl. Shayaji Shinde, Chandramohan, Raksha, Kovai Sarala and others are just okay. Magadheera comedy track (shot on Venumadhav and Ail) provides some laughter initially but it drags on later. Bharat steals the show in just two scenes. Technically, only Raghu Kunche deserves the special mention. His tunes especially the Ravanamma song are foot tapping and melodious. Cinematography by Sriram is okay. It is high time for Puri to take a break as script-writer; hes just repeating himself - same dialogues, same characterizations. In one scene, he takes digs at people who object sleazy posters in a retort to women orgianisations who made hue and cry about his previous film Neninte but it doesnt work well. New director Jaya Ravindra has not shown any spark to talk about.

Why do we revere heroes? For their noble causes, for extraordinary activities. But in Bumper Offer, the protagonist/hero cowardly decides to destroy the wealth of his girlfriends father when he was asked to become rich. What a silly heroism! Such zany thought is the brainchild of director Puri Jagannadh. Forget about plotline, even the characterization of the protagonist lacks creativity as Sairam Shankar looks like poor Xerox of what Ravi Teja did in Idiot. Much of the film and situations give us the feeling of dj vu - watching Idiot again. To make his brother stand as lead hero, Puri has not only produced this film but also provided storyline and dialogues. With not a single iota of the film is new, Bumper Offer makes us (audiences) sit through uncomfortably.