Brothers 2012 Review

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Brothers 2012 Review
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Akhil and Vimal (Suriya) are born as conjoined twins due to a genetic experiment performed by their father Ramaswamy (Sachin) which goes wrong. Both are of contrasting nature. While Akhil is more soft spoken and decent, Vimal is more fun loving and casual. Meanwhile, Ramaswamy becomes a big business magnate as he prepares a milk powder which boosts energy and memory in kids. Akhil falls in love with Anjali (Kajal) and Vimal also helps for that. The story takes a turn when a Russian journalist discovers something dangerous in the formula of the milk powder but before she can reveal it to anyone she is killed. However, Akhil discovers it and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Suriya as the conjoined twins has delivered an excellent performance displaying contrasting body language and ease. Of course, he has done many challenging roles before so this is no different.

Kajal Agarwal looks glamorous in songs and was pretty in few scenes but then despite having a meaty role, it was not etched properly and she looked confused as the interpreter.

Sachin Khedekar had a very important and powerful role but he could not deliver those mean expressions when required. Prakash Raj would have been an apt choice for this.

Tara Anuradha was alright, Ajay Rathnam was brief, Ravi Prakash got good screen time and he made his presence felt, the Russian girl was alright, Isha Sharwani sizzles in one song, the others didn’t have any scope.