Biriyani Review

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Biriyani Review
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Biriyani reviewSudheer (Karthi) works for an automobile shop. He loves women and a man of mischief. After getting drunk in a party, he along with his friend go to eat biryani at city’s outskirts where they finds a sexy women in a Jaguar car. She seduces them to the guest house and they drink further. The next day when he wakes up, Sudheer finds himself at driver seat of his car and his friend goes missing. He also realises that he is framed in a big criminal conspiracy. The rest of the story is all about how Sudheer solves the mystery while being on run from cops.

Artists Performance

Biriyani reviewActor: Karthi looks trendy and contemporary with his looks and costumes. He provides entertainment with nice timing. Hansika Motwani has a small role and she is very glamorous. Premgi Amaren who is a regular with Venkat Prabhu films provides relief with humor. Nassar is introduced as the main villain of the film, but the director has something else in story. Ramky is good as one of the prime suspects. Sampath impressed you with his new look and he is excellent. British Indian model turned Punjabi actress Mandy Takhar is ultra glamorous as a seductress. Madhumati plays the role of hero’s sister.

Technical departments

Biriyani reviewStory - screenplay - direction: Biryani is a thriller film that has whodunit formula thrown in. Director Venkat Prabhu misleads you most of the times and tie the loose ends in climax from unexpected quarters. Films of this nature which has some nice twists in climax should be narrated in a crisp manner to have the right momentum. The initial part of the film is sluggish and the interval gets interesting. This film has the potential to be a slick thriller if the romance, songs and comedy angle is trimmed down.

Biriyani reviewOther departments: Background music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is nice, but songs are like speed breakers as it’s a thriller. Cinematography Sakthi Saravanan is good. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti are okay. Production values are good. A film of this genre should have runtime around 2 hours.


Biriyani reviewAnalysis: First half of the film is slow, interval part is good. Second half is little sluggish, but the climax is good. Thrillers like these give you complete picture only in the climax. For films of this nature, runtime should be less and narration should be to-the-point. In order to cater to a larger part of audiences, the director has added love and comedy angle to it which has made the film sluggish. On a whole, Biryani is partly tasty with a good ending!.

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Biryani Movie Audio Launch
Biryani Movie Audio Launch